1 Microsoft Way Redmond 1 Microsoft Way Redmond

Famous Places in 1 microsoft way redmond 1 microsoft way redmond .

1 Microsoft Way Redmond 1 Microsoft Way Redmond

Not only is it known through software and hardware, but Microsoft Ternyata is also known for its central office which turns out to be very grand and well-equipped. Unlike the office centers of other world IT companies, it turns out that Microsoft has its name to name its headquarters. People mostly call this place as Microsoft campus. But this does not mean that the campus is real, or as a university, but only an informal name. Then why do many say 1 Microsoft way Redmond 1 Microsoft Way Redmond? This is also because the location of the Microsoft headquarters is in the Redmond area, which is why most label it like that.

It turns out that 1 Microsoft Way Redmond 1 Microsoft Way Redmond is not only limited to the uniqueness, but there are also various kinds of spots that have their characteristics. If you intend to visit 1 Microsoft way Redmond 1 Microsoft Way Redmond, then some of these locations are suitable for your recommendation!

1. Lake Bill

1 Microsoft Way Redmond 1 Microsoft Way Redmond as Office locations owned by Microsoft are well-known as a suitable place for sightseeing and tours. In addition to the vast size of the area, the Microsoft office also has many types of buildings and special spots, which can only be found in the office complex. The first spot is called Lake Bill. The name of this lake is pinned based on the name of the founder of Microsoft, namely Bill Gates. Lake Bill is in a closed location, surrounded by trees and parks. The size of this lake is quite large and has a rectangular, but irregular cross-section. Around this lake also turns out there are waterfalls surrounded by large rocks. Lake Bill is usually used as a gathering place for certain moments.

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2. Microsoft’s Walk of Fame

You must be familiar with the Walk of Fame, agreed? This title is used by Hollywood for the special place they built. In Hollywood, the walk of fame is a road that is usually passed by pedestrians, which contains the names of big and famous stars. Usually, people will do a photo session at the venue, along with the names of artists or actors they idolized. This concept was also used by Microsoft in 1 Microsoft Way Redmond 1 Microsoft Way Redmond. At the Microsoft Walk of Fame location, you can find the names of products owned by Microsoft. But apparently, there is a difference from Hollywood’s walk of fame, with Microsoft’s. If Hollywood only shows the best actresses and actors on the walk of the game, it turns out that Microsoft does not only display their successful products but all, to products that even fail. For example, such as the presence of Microsoft Bob and Microsoft Hellbender.

In addition to carrying the concept of the walk of fame, which is enjoyed by pedestrians, Microsoft also built this spot as a new-style museum. We can call it an all in one outdoor museum. 

3. Building number 7 and its mysteries

As explained earlier, 1 Microsoft Way Redmond 1 Microsoft Way Redmond has an office complex consisting of many buildings. Each building is then named using its numbers. Microsoft itself has buildings numbered 1 to 99. But what makes this interesting is because of the absence of the presence of building number 7. It is said that this is related to a myth about number 7, which is known as a number that has mystical power. This power is said to have a bad impact if it correlates with day-to-day life. That is why later in the Microsoft office complex, it was decided not to use number 7 as the name of the building. Nothing else is to avoid any bad luck. By removing number 7, it is hoped that Microsoft’s business trip will become smoother and more successful.

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However, there is also another story that says that there are number 7 buildings in the Microsoft campus area. However, this building was hidden, not published, and is used as a place to plan various company secrets and Microsoft products.

In this regard, Microsoft then confirms that the mystery related to building number 7 is something that has nothing to do with myths or anything because there is no building number 7 due to errors during the design of the building.

So, are you ready to make a trip to 1 Microsoft Way Redmond 1 Microsoft Way Redmond?

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