1 Microsoft Way Redmond 143 305 70

The Uniqueness In 1 Microsoft Way Redmond 143 305 70

1 Microsoft Way Redmond 143 305 70

1 Microsoft way Redmond 143 305 70

Ordinary people might judge the work environment of technology companies like Microsoft to be very rigid and boring. They could also assume that everyday employees at Microsoft only struggling with screens and electronic goods, with no life other than that. Unfortunately, this assumption is not entirely correct, because there are also many interesting things happening in the area of this company. 1 Microsoft way Redmond 143 305 70 is a common designation for the Microsoft office area, which apparently can be found in the Redmond area, in the Seattle area.

Some uniqueness in 1 Microsoft way Redmond 143 305 70 :

To be Called as Campus

Microsoft employees prefer to call the 1 Microsoft way Redmond 143 305 70 as a campus. Yes, Microsoft Campus, is the IT headquarters of Bill Gates, the richest man in the world.

Microsoft Campus has a fairly large area. There are more than 200 buildings on the Microsoft Campus. That still hasn’t been added to the amount of green open space in the office area. You can imagine for yourself how vast the Microsoft Campus is. The mention of campus for 1 Microsoft way Redmond 143 305 70 is indeed not without reason. From the previous explanation, it can be imagined that the condition of this office is filled with unique buildings, activities that are not monotonous, even to such exciting facilities.

The Elephant Inside The Room

Elephant inside the room has become an icon in The Commons, one of the buildings in 1 Microsoft way Redmond 143 305 70. In fact, on this Microsoft Campus, there are around 200 buildings. Can you imagine yourself about the size of this company office

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Back to the discussion of elephants in the room, for visitors to the Microsoft Campus, for the first time to The Commons, you will surely wonder what the elephant statue in the room means.

It could be, Bill Gates, Microsoft’s owner put an elephant statue in the room just for a joke. It could also be, as a monument to his struggle because Microsoft departed from a programming company that was barely discussed at first. No one knows why not even Microsoft employees.

Grass field

But the elephant statue in the room was not the only one that attracted in 1 Microsoft way Redmond 143 305 70. In addition to The Commons, there is also a synthetic turf that is often used by Microsoft employees to get fed up with playing soccer or frisbee. Good again, there are no restrictions on playing hours for employees. That is, even though they are between work hours and they want to play, they can immediately run to the field.

Perhaps because Microsoft is a company engaged in the field of innovation, boredom becomes their main enemy that must be eliminated before returning to work on large projects.

Drive from building to building

1 Microsoft way Redmond 143 305 70 which has more than 200 buildings is connected by several cars that are useful as a shuttle. If an employee from building 32 wants to go to building 145, then he only needs to call the shuttle to the department.

The atmosphere of the Microsoft Campus is very modern but made very beautiful. Microsoft employees prefer to use the term campus for the offices and factories of the world’s largest IT company

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Although walking is still an option for the proximity of adjacent buildings, due to the vast campus, the shuttle cars seem to have never stopped serving the mobility of Microsoft employees.

Visitor Center

If you’re in 1 Microsoft way Redmond 143 305 70 around to Building 72 which serves as a Visitor Center you will find many interesting things. In this building, there is a display of Microsoft’s historical journey. One of them contains a list of the first 12 employees. Of these dozens of people, Microsoft was transformed into a multinational company with thousands of employees.

There are also Microsoft products that we can use for free, ranging from X-Box to MicroLens. In front of this display room, there is a shop that sells a variety of Microsoft merchandise.

With a mission to build superior personalities and advance shared prosperity through technology, Microsoft is indeed focused on developing products that make everyone more productive. Microsoft wants to create products that become friends for everyone when they want to do anything.

After knowing some of the uniqueness that exists and develops in the 1 Microsoft way Redmond 143 305 70, do you think Microsoft has a pleasant work environment?

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