1 Microsoft Way Redmond go to Bing

The Journey of 1 Microsoft Way Redmond Go to Bing

Story of 1 Microsoft Way Redmond go to Bing is a time worthy situation to tell. Being one of the world’s biggest companies on earth, every single step they take towards their products will steal everyone’s attention. It matters a lot, of course, as millions of people are around Microsoft nowadays!

Back then in the middle of 2009, Microsoft rebranded their web search engine. They presented the product as ‘Bing’. As one of the most influential actors in the information and tech world, this decision has invited everyone’s interests- both on the product itself as well as on how it differs from the previous similar products. 

This page will bring you to the history of how 1 Microsoft Way Redmond go to Bing. The features it brings along are also here. Check the information down below.

The History of Bing

Quite long time ago before Bing was existed, Microsoft had their reliable web search engines namely MSN Search, Windows Live Search, and Live Search. Every each one of them is a development of the previous product.  Let’s turn the pages back for a while.

  • MSN Search

It was launched originally in 1998. MSN Search consisted of a search engine, index, and web crawler. Early in 1999, they developed this search engine and launched a new version displaying listings from AltaVista. The index in MSN Search was updated weekly or occasionally daily. Meanwhile, image search was supported by a third party namely Picsearch. In November 2004, Microsoft upgraded MSN Search as a beta program.

  • Windows Live Search
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In 2006, Microsoft proved that they did not stop growing and developing their products. They revealed their first public beta of Windows Live Search on March. However, it was just officially replaced the MSN Search on September 11, 2006. This new search engine offered new search tab covering Web, news, images, music, desktop, local, and Microsoft Encarta. 

  • Live Search

Aiming to merge its web search engine with Microsoft adCenter, on March 2007 the company decided to rebrand the previous product with a new name, Live Search. Unfortunately, not long after its Live Search Books Publisher Program was ceased. Their Live Product Upload which allowed merchants uploading the information of their products was also shut off. 

  • Bing

The big company was absolutely not sitting back and relax. Planning to give birth to a new identity, Microsoft decided not to use the word ‘Live’ to their new web search engine. On June, 2009 Bing was finally introduced. 

The name ‘Bing’ came out as the result of group discussion. It was chosen as its name was considered short, easy to spell, and memorable. Furthermore, the word was believed to remind people of the sound ‘Bingo!’. So, when people are seeking something or in the moment of discovering something, they will always refer to Bing. Bing for Bingo!

As the development of the previous products, Bing no wonder promises several new upgraded stuffs compared to its ancestors. What are the enhancements? It is listed down here.

The Features of Bing

Competing with other search engines, 1 Microsoft Way Redmond go to Bing produce some features to make itself stand out. For the interface features, they provide daily changing background image which shows noteworthy places in the world, animals, people, or sports. Bing also provides sub links on certain results, enhanced view from third party site, and access to MSN, Office Online, and Outlook.com from its homepage.

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In displaying media, Bing made some improvements, such as video thumbnail preview, image search with that has a continuous scrolling results page of the images, advanced filters, and video search adjustable settings. Moreover, this new product also has instant answer features. Users can find directly scores from certain sport from a specific day and statistics on team or players, stock chart, conversion of units, mathematical calculation, flight tracking, and translation. 

1 Microsoft Way Redmond go to Bing proves that they can launch features to shows local info as well. For instance, current traffic information, business list, restaurant review, or event movie played in a certain area. Bing also has integration with Windows 8 called “Smart Search.” Its most notable feature is Hero Search which allows users to browse for popular and well-known places, popular objects as well as people.

So, are you familiar enough now with one of Microsoft’s products? Interested in making the most use of it? Go give it a try!

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