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All about 1 Microsoft Way Redmond Go to Bing

The decision of 1 Microsoft Way Redmond go to Bing is actually quite a surprise. It is not the first time for the company to rebrand its search engine. The fact, somehow, says that it is not just a rebranding of the product. It is rather a product improvement.

It is not a secret that 1 Microsoft Way Redmond go to Bing comes out as an effort to catch up its forever competitor, Google. The world knows that for sure. Being one step behind its rival, Microsoft rolls their sleeves to create some advancement on Bing. Some features that are missing in Google are added up into Bing.

Are you familiar with Bing? Or are you still a loyal big fan of Google? Well, it is not a crime to get to know more about Bing. This page will throw you a tidbit dealing with 1 Microsoft Way Redmond go to Bing. Hope you find it helpful to take Bing closer to your heart.

What is Bing?

If the name ’Bing’ does not sound familiar to your ears, what about MSN Search? Or some of you might probably ever heard about Windows Live Search or Live Search? Bing is the transformation of all those names. Yes, you are right. They are all the same product as Microsoft’s search engine. Somehow, they are changing their clothes.

1 Microsoft Way Redmond go to Bing was first brought to the public in June 2009. Completed with powerset technology, Bing stands to answer the challenge of recent digital era needs. The technology brings a high accuracy of results to the keywords you type on the search engine.

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Having its technology updated, Bing can be a great search engine that you can count on to support your daily activities. As a student, almost all of you rely on a search engine to support finishing your tasks. As an employee, you would most probably open your search engine to seek the newest news. As a mother, you try to type ‘complementary feeding’ in your search engine to find out some menus for your baby. Simply open your Bing and your demanded information come to you fast. 

The name Bing stands so differently compared to the previous names Microsoft had chosen. It is simpler and seems more elegant. Consisting of only a phrase, it is also easier to be remembered and pronounced. Bing!

Bing got its name decided by a Microsoft group discussion. The name was recommended as it was highly related to the word ‘Bingo’. Therefore, it was hoped that when people were trying to look for something or find something out, they would connect to Bing. Searching for something? Bing! Bingo!

1 Microsoft Way Redmond go to Bing shows its searching results by categorizing them into four groups. They are web, images, news, and xRank. Web displays the searching results of sites or websites. Images are used for picture searching. News works in searching particular news, depending on what the users want to look for. Meanwhile, xRank exists to show you what other Bing users mostly search. 

Why Should We Use Bing?  

What is your intention of using a search machine? What do you expect from the search machine you are using? If your answers lie around accuracy and speed, you and Bing are a perfect match.

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As has been aforementioned, Bing is more than just a product rebranding. It is completed by the advancement of technology to make its users take more benefits from it. 1 Microsoft Way Redmond go to Bing has worked hard not only to provide a better system, but they also pay attention to other things that can give comfort to its users. Below are some reasons to use Bing.

  • Various Displays

You will not get bored using Bing as it has various changing backgrounds. From beautiful landscape to well-known people, Bing has it all for you.

  • Instant Answer Feature

Feel free to drop whatever questions you want to ask to Bing. Its instant answer feature will answer. Got trouble for your math task? It can even solve it for you!

  • Filtered Search Result

Bing’s filtered search result shortens your time in finding out the intended information.

  • Bing Detail Box

Detail box makes it possible for you to sneak peek into a link without having to open it. What an ease Bing offers!

  • Interactive Bing Maps

Bing maps let you access the intended location fast. For certain areas, it even allows you to see them in 3D displays.

As you know and experience by yourselves, people have been highly dependable on the ease that technology offers. Somehow, Bing gives more than you need. So many advancements it has that you can sip. 1 Microsoft Way Redmond go to Bing has really thrown so many benefits for us!

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