1 Microsoft Way Redmond Hello World

The Easiest Programme in This World

1 Microsoft Way Redmond Hello World

In this modern era, the computer can not be separated from human being. It is such a daily needs for some people, they need it to work, college, project, and something like that. It is actually the easiest program from Microsoft called “1 Microsoft way Redmond hello world

So the first person who created this “Hello World” is Brian Kernighan, when he was making a programming language called Basic Combined Programming Language he made “Hello World” as the first example. This program was realized in 1972 for the first time, when he was being interviewed for why he made “Hello World” as the example, he said that he saw a cartoon and there were a chicken and an eeg, when the egg was cracked for the new baby chicken it said “Hello World”, another fact is that Hello World is actually the easiest program in this world, so let us take a look about how to make “Hellow World” in your laptop

  1. Download and Install Visual Studio Code

Make sure you have downloaded and installed Studio Code in your laptop, if you have not, you can find the link to download in Google easily

  • Download and Instal .NET Core

The next app to download and install .NET Core to make your project will be able to be compiled in your laptop. You can always find the link easily on Google

  • Download and Install the Extension C# for VS Code

The last thing to download is the  C# extension, to VS Code you can open “Quick Open” or “Ctrl + P” and type “ext install csharp” then Enter

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After all of those things are installed in your laptop, here are the steps to make “ 1 Miscrosoft way Redmond Hello World’ program

  1. Open the VS folder and open the folder that you are going to save your project 
  2. Open CMD “Command Prompt” or Ctrl+` in VS Code to open “Integrated Terminal” or CMD that is being integrated with VS Code.
  3. Make a new folder and name it as HelloWorld
  4. Open or go in the folder that you have made (HelloWorld)
  5. The new installment for the new project is done. This command will make an easy template to make C# program
  6. If you have succeeded in making it, you will get the output text that is saying “Hello World”

Those steps are some easy steps to do for the beginners, for people who want to try learning the programme, they should try to make this easiest program in this world. They actually can do it on their own because they can learn it from Google too. Well, talking about programming, there is some advantages that people can get if they learn it :

  1. Improving the logical thinking

To make some program, we can not be separated from “logics in programming” that will be used in that program to make the project works

  • The systematic of thinking will be improved

When people are making a program, they will be faced with code lines that have to be arranged systematically. Those lines can not be flipped and have to be in order

  • Train us to be detailed on every occasion 

When there are a very little code that makes the project does not run, programmers have to look at the problems again one by one and they have to be very very detailed

  • Making Us the Ability to Solve the Problem
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By learning programming, we will know how to solve some problems, it can be “how this program should work” or “how to fix this problem”

There is actually no negative things if we want to learn something new, we will always get the positive sides from it. One of the things to start learning something new is by doing the easiest one first, that is why for people who want to learn about programming, they are advised to start with “1 Miscrosoft way Redmond Hello World”. After they are able to make it, they can go to the next level, so this “1 Miscrosoft way Redmond Hello World” is like a start for the new learners in programming. Let start learning something new!

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