1 Microsoft Way Redmond Seattle

Things You Must Know While Finding 1 Microsoft Way Redmond Seattle

Microsoft is trying to get a new skillful generation by creating a Microsoft Redmond Campus. Before searching for 1 Microsoft way Redmond Seattle, it is better to know the details of the Microsoft Redmond Campus.

About Microsoft Redmond Campus 

Microsoft Campus is built in Redmond, Washington. The buildings were built in 502 acres of land. Moreover, this company also has an office in King County, Washington. The size of the office is 15 million square feet and it is used for labs, engineering, sales, marketing, operations, and administrative purposes. This the second location after moving from Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 26th February 1986, Microsoft decided to move the campus in Redmond, Seattle. Moreover, the campus was expanded on 9th February 2006. 

The Purpose of Developing a Microsoft Campus 

Microsoft decides to build and develop a Microsoft Campus because of some reasons. First, Microsoft wants to build a long-term campus to train students to improve their IT skills and knowledge students. It hopes that the students can do something in the future. Second, Microsoft wants to build a modern campus. Later, they can use the campus for research, administrative, marketing, sales, and many more. The project started by developing 18 new buildings on the East Redmond Campus. Until today, the location and building are still under renovation. 

What You See on Microsoft Redmond Campus

When you get the 1 Microsoft way Redmond Seattle, you will see some buildings and office space there. Let say, you will see a campus community space. This space has a 2-acre open plaza that fit up to 12.000 people for a variety of events. Nowadays, there is a new pedestrian and cyclist route. The route is connecting the center of East and West Redmond campuses. Microsoft wants to serve the students comfortably so they can study maximally. Because of that, you will see a Microsoft Store along with retail shops and restaurants. 

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It is not only comfortable for the students but also for all people who walk around the campus. There are multifunction spaces that you can use for running, walking, trails, sports facilities, and green space. Another important thing is that this area will have a great parking facility. Just imagine that you can use an underground parking facility with a smart parking system. 

The Achievement of the Microsoft Redmond Campus 

Microsoft is not only want to create a modern campus but also an environmentally friendly campus. Due to this goal, Microsft Redmond Campus has achieved some prestigious achievements. For example, the Microsoft Redmond Campus can reduce carbon emission level. It works by cutting the energy uses by more than 15 percent. Another great achievement is the Gold Level of Zero Waste Certification. This certification was given by the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council in 2016. Microsoft Redmond Campus achieved this award because it successfully diverts up to 90% of food, office, and construction waste. The campus management drives the employees to reuse, recycling and composting along with sustainable community partnerships.           

The Way to Contact Microsoft Redmond Campus

In case you are a new visitor and you want to know more about Microsoft Redmond Campus, you can contact the campus. First, you can contact their phone number at 1-425-882-8080. You can also send your fax to 1-425-706-7929. If you are a visitor and you want to visit the main campus just call their phone first at 1-425-703-6214. Second, it is also possible to go to the main Microsoft Redmond Campus to know the actual condition. The location of the campus is on Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA. You may also find the 1 Microsoft way Redmond Seattle by using Google Maps. Just follow the directions carefully and you will see the main campus soon. For those who want to know the condition of the campus before visiting it, you can check a specific site such as Foursquare. Some people said that the Microsoft Redmond Campus is amazing and they don’t regret after exploring the campus. If you are curious about the greatness of the Microsoft Redmond Campus, just find the 1 Microsoft way Redmond Seattle and explore the campus. You may share your experience while exploring the Microsoft Redmond Campus and let other people know about it. It might be your luck if you can explore the Microsoft Redmond Campus.  

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