1 Microsoft Way Redmond Washington

1 Microsoft Way Redmond Washington, A Place That You Have to Visit At least Once for A Lifetime

1 Microsoft way Redmond Washington is the place where developers and designers created Windows and Microsoft. Windows is the most common operating system that you might even use right now. While Microsoft is the most common word, number, and presentation processing software. Have you ever wondered where in the place they are created?

Besides Microsoft and Windows, Microsoft is also creating many things. If you are a gamer you must have known Xbox. You could play various Xbox games here. There are also car simulators that make your gaming experience feels real. There are also futuristic high technology like Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft connected life, and Windows Mixed reality. All of these amazing straight out of sci-fi movie things are available on the 1 Microsoft way Redmond Washington. It’s on the Microsoft Redmond Campus, or to be exact Microsoft Visitor Center.

Microsoft Redmond Campus

Microsoft Redmond Campus is located in Redmond, Washington. The complex becomes headquarters of the Microsoft that contains about 35,000 employees. Initially the complex consists of just six buildings to accommodate about 800 employees. As the company developed and grew larger, expansion had been done to accommodate more employees. Even now, the company is planning to replace 12 old buildings with new 18 buildings. The expansion project is estimated to be finished in 2023. The facility also provides housing for the employees, complete with parks, lakes and other facilities. It’s just like a town built by Microsoft for its own employees.

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It also has its own transportation. For the employees, Microsoft provides commuter bus services. The bus service is called the connector. It provides nonstop transportation service to the surroundings of the Redmond Campus, like Seattle, Eastside, and Snohomish County. Some Public Transportation also runs into the campus. There are Overlake Transit Center buses that pass the Redmond Campus. The bus mainly operates around Seattle and eastside cities. It might be not hard to reach the Redmond Campus, but the majority of the places required to arrange an official tour or being invited in as a professional capacity. But Microsoft Visitor Center is free to visit.

Modern workplace

Microsoft Visitor Center will show how the modern workplace really is. It will show how is the utopia of a workplace that will contain the employee while increasing productivity. It’s the ideal office that companies around the world could follow and emulate. And you could just feel how it is by yourself by just visiting the Microsoft visitor center.

The office is based on the Microsoft product, named Microsoft 365. It will empower the employee to be creative and productive all together securely. As now the global competition becomes fiercer, companies need things like this to survive and compete. The new modern workplace is changing rapidly with new business models. Microsoft 365 provides the right digital tools to face this challenge. It will encourage productivity, engagement, and collaboration. The seamless workplace is also supported by working atmosphere that will make you comfortable. This incredible workplace experience could be tried out on 1 Microsoft way Redmond Washington.

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