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What to Do in The Microsoft Campus

Where is the headquarter of one of the high technology companies especially Microsoft? It is located in  1 microsoft way redmondhttps //privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement and it is called The Microsoft Campus. As one of the biggest technology company in the world, The Microsoft Campus must be a tempting place to visit for people who have an interest in technology. Nevertheless, it might be quite surprising that this place is pretty attractive for the traveler as well. Some people might have a big question about things which can be done or enjoyed in this place. They must not forget that The Microsoft Campus covers a pretty vast area. The complex is filled with attractions. Here are several things to do when they are visiting The Microsoft Campus.

Exploring the Complex

The Microsoft Campus covers a huge area in Redmond. It is not impossible to find so many interesting places in the complex. That is why it is very recommended to explore the complex when people are visiting The Microsoft Campus. It must be great if they are able to visit the areas which can only be visited by the employees. This can be done by making an appointment and becoming an escorted guest. Nevertheless, the complex from outside the buildings is very attractive as well because the company wants to create a working environment which is unified to nature. The complex comes with eco-friendly elements which can be enjoyed by the employees and also the visitors. The complex also comes with the entertainment areas to be used by the employees for mental and physical refreshment. It will be a great place to visit as well. Do not miss this opportunity to visit the areas which are dedicated to the guests as well.

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Visiting The Visitor Center

As a high technology company, Microsoft is known by many people all around the world. Many people have ever heard about this brand at least. Some people have ever heard of the story of the company but if people want to know more about this company, they must not miss an opportunity for visiting The Visitor Center in 1 microsoft way redmondhttps //privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement. There are so many things which can be learned at this place from the history to the plan of achievements the company wants to reach in the future. The Visitor Center is the right place to know more about the past, the present, and the future of Microsoft.

Visiting the Theater

The Visitor Center comes with so many things to provide people with information about the company. The way to learn more about the company is varied as well. People can visit the theater located within the visitor center to enjoy the visual way of learning about Microsoft. There is no need to get tired because of walking around the visitor center to get information about Microsoft. Joining the workshops as well as training should also be considered. It is a great opportunity to learn right from the expert’s hands. The impressive architectural design will also be a great part of the Theater which visitors can admire. Do not miss this part when visiting 1 microsoft way redmondhttps //privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement.

Visiting the Commons

Many people can just imagine that they have a workplace which comes with a shopping center. This is something uncommon but The Microsoft Campus has the Commons. This is the shopping center made by the company for providing the employees’ easiness to shop various things. This mall located within a workplace which must not be missed by anyone visiting 1 microsoft way redmondhttps //privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement. Luxuries can be enjoyed by any visitor who can reach this place. Various fancy restaurants can be found at this place. They must try the favorite food of Microsoft, the prized pizzas. The pies must also be tried. Other interesting shops can be found such as the music shop and even a hair salon.

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Visiting the Store

Visiting The Microsoft Campus must a memorable experience for the visitors but bringing back some memorabilia can be a proof that they really visit this place. The Store can be visited by the visitors freely to buy some merchandise options from Microsoft. Of course, they can also buy the software and hardware from this brand. This is also a place to try various Microsoft products. Visiting the Store is a must in 1 microsoft way redmondhttps //privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement.

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