Macro and VBA to Make 1234567890123456 Coding


Do you want to know what to use to make coding such as 1234567890123456? If you want to know, then keep on reading this article. In this article, you will not only learn about the script to make the coding, but you will also learn how to use it so you can make the 1234567890123456 codings.

About Macro

What you need to know first is macro. What is a macro? For those who are not familiar, the macro is a script on the tools or applications such as Microsoft Excel or Office to make automation. This script will command the application to do the same work over and over. Not only macro run the script, but it also records the keyboard and mouse activities. Hence, the application user only needs to do the work once then records it and the application will write the script. Next, the user only needs to run the script to do the same job. 

About VBA

On the other hand, you also need to know a few things about VBA to make the coding like 1234567890123456. For your information, VBA or Visual Basic for Application is the derivative from the programming language of the Visual Basic of Microsoft that is established by Microsoft in 1993 for the Excel 5.0 version and for manipulating objects in Microsoft Excel. However, this VBA is different from the Visual Basic that is used to create a stand-alone application. Although, the only similarity between these two is that VBA and VB are derivatives from the same programming language BASIC or Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Code. This programming language was developed by George Kemeny and Thomas Eugene Kurtz in 1963. That is why the structure of the writing of the program between these two is similar. The only difference between VB and VBA is the object. On VBA, this programming language controls the objects inside the Excel application such as cell, range, table, chart, PivotTable, and many more. On the other hand, VB controls the objects in the database (RDBMS) Access or SQL for creating applications. Another thing that you need to know about this programming language to make 1234567890123456 coding is that VBA is not designed only for Microsoft Excel but also for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and also Access. 

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Macro and VBA on Microsoft Office

As we have stated before, Microsoft Excel is one of the products of Microsoft Office that uses the macro for the automation process. On the other hand, the macro in Microsoft Office uses VBA. Therefore, the macro syntax and script routine on Excel is similar to VB.

The Importance

Now, why do you think that it is important for you to learn about macro and VBA in Microsoft Excel? The reason why you need to learn about macro and VBA in Excel is not only to make you make the 1234567890123456 codings but also to help you in many areas while you work on Excel. Here is the thing, the use of Function and Feature in Microsoft Excel has limitations in the data processing. There will be times when the Function and Feature cannot cover all of your data processing work. To put it simply, when you do repetitive work in Excel such as formatting cell number with Rupiah (Rp) symbol, you need to go through many steps such as blocking the area data, then right-click the data, then choose the Format cell, then choose Category, then choose Accounting, then find the (Rp) symbol, then set the Decimal place to 0, then click OK. These are the steps that you need to do whenever you are formatting the cell. Even though these steps are considered simple, but they will consume your time and energy. That is why you need a macro. With macro, you can do the data formatting by simply click once and the data will be automatically formatted according to what you need.

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Typically, the macro, that is made for making 1234567890123456 codings, is made using two ways such as Record Macro which will record all of the activities within Excel and writing the program with VBA. Among these two, Record Macro is the easiest way to do. Once Record Macro records all of our activities, it will save them as a macro that can be used later on in only one-click.

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