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1 Microsoft Way Redmond: Know Your Location

Microsoft is a huge company that has so many separate buildings and they named each building address by numbers such as Microsoft Building 25 30 1 Microsoft Way Redmond, as an example. Now don’t get confused, let’s take a look at the numbers. By looking at the address, Microsoft Building 25 30 1 Microsoft Way Redmond, there are two different buildings, Microsoft Building 25 and Microsoft Building 30.Keep in mind that each building has different functions, so you need to find some information first about which the number of Microsoft building that you want to visit and where it is located then you will not get lost. To make things clear, we will try to explain the different functions of each building by looking at the address Microsoft Building 25 30 1 Microsoft Way Redmond for an example.But before we go into that, wouldn’t it be better if we can get to know a little bit more about the history of the company? Right, so here we go!

A brief history of Microsoft Corporation

I mean, who on earth never heard of Microsoft? Right, Microsoft has been there for us and the sake of technology for about 44 years now. Microsoft Corporation is an American technology company, which headquarter is located in Redmond, Washington. Firstly founded on April 4th, 1975 by two Seattle young boys at the time, Bill Gates and Paul G. Allen. They first settled in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. Before their success, Bill Gates was a dropout from Harvard University. Long story short, afterward, he worked together on the new projects with Paul G. Allen. How did they come up with Microsoft as the name of their corporation? Well, actually it is simple. Microsoft is derived from the two words microcomputer and software. Microsoft Corporation plays a big role in the development of technology throughout the years, as well as the industry of the technology itself. Microsoft corporation’s industry includes computer software and hardware, consumer electronics, internet, social networking service, video games, cloud computing, etc. In today’s world of technology, Microsoft corporation has broadened its company worldwide. You might have recognized some products that have been released and developed by Microsoft corporation such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Skype, Xbox, etc. As for the Microsoft services, you might have recognized Bing, LinkedIn, OneDrive, Xbox Live, and many more. The current headquarter in Redmond will be housing up to 47,000 employees of Microsoft.

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Microsoft Building 25 1 Microsoft Way Redmond

What building is actually Microsoft Building 25? Well, this building is actually part of the Microsoft main campus. To some of you who still do not know, even though they named it as a campus, it does not really mean an actual campus. Microsoft campus is just an informal way to name Microsoft’s corporate headquarters that is located in Redmond, Washington. Despite the fact that this building is used as an office, the other part of this building can also be used as a conference room. Fun facts, in the conference room, they serve a lot of very delicious foods and beverages such as chicken korma, burritos, and still so many other choices. Well, this is not the things that we are going to talk about here right now though. Moreover, however, this building also plays its role in Windows Computing Cluster Edition. And anyway, to avoid getting lost there here is the complete address of Microsoft Building 25. It is 5700 NE 39th St, Redmond 98052, Washington.

Microsoft Building 30 1 Microsoft Way Redmond

As I told you before, the 25 30 1 Microsoft Way Redmond are two different Microsoft buildings. Different from Microsoft building 25, Microsoft building 30 which started to function in 2017, has this project goal to provide a comfortable environment working space that does not only include conference rooms, but also relaxation rooms, focus rooms, team rooms, open working neighborhood, etc. Interesting, right? Besides all of the working spaces, they also provide outdoor meeting spaces, mini-market, dining facilities, and even a covered amphitheater. Microsoft building 30 is located in 3910 163rd Avenue NE, Redmond, Washington. Now that I have given you the different functions between at least two buildings, Microsoft building 25 30 1 Microsoft Way Redmond, you can have a clearer depiction of what every Microsoft building in Redmond is going to be. 

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