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Facts about The Microsoft Campus

 25 30 1 microsoft way redmond

It is quite normal if people are quite familiar with Microsoft. It seems that everyone has ever used or even just heard of Microsoft product. Technology provided by Microsoft can bring modern people to the next level. That is why Microsoft can be considered as one of the giants in technology industries in the world. People might be curious about the heart of this company. The headquarter of Microsoft company is called The Microsoft Campus but people also recognize it as 25 30 1 microsoft way redmond. For some people, the headquarter of Microsoft company is just a business place which is similar to common business places. However, there are some interesting facts about this place which people need to know.

Town of Redmond was shared between Microsoft and Nintendo.

Redmond cannot be separated from Microsoft especially because the headquarter of the company is located in this town. People might think that Redmond belongs to Microsoft when people are talking about technology. However, people should know that the town of Redmond was shared between two giants in the technology industry. Besides Microsoft, this town is also used by Nintendo as the headquarter. Microsoft only occupies a large part of the southern part of this town. It is interesting that this town can be occupied by two technology companies such as Microsoft and Nintendo.

The accessible areas are only a small part of the complex.

There are many visitors who do not want to miss an opportunity to visit 25 30 1 microsoft way redmond and explore The Microsoft Campus. They think that it must be great to witness the greatness behind the products which are widely used in the world. They might have ever seen the post of someone who has visited this place. It must be shocking when they visit the complex and find that they can only visit a small part of the complex. It is not strange at all because it is still a workplace after all. They can only visit a small part of the facilities and the visitor center. Public visitors cannot visit other parts of the complex freely. It does not mean that they do not have an opportunity to explore. If they can make an appointment ahead, they will be able to explore the complex further as guided guests.

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It is the third headquarter of Microsoft.

Many people know 25 30 1 microsoft way redmond as the headquarter of Microsoft. This place is quite popular among technology geeks and also visitors of Washington. However, the complex in Redmond actually is not the first headquarter of Microsoft company. The Redmond campus is the third Microsoft company. Albuquerque, New Mexico became the first location where Bill Gates and Paul Allen started their workshop.  The headquarter of the company was moved to Bellevue, Washington. After releasing the first Microsoft OS, the headquarter was moved to Redmond.

Many Entertainment Places

25 30 1 microsoft way redmond is the location of Microsoft workplace. It means that this place is intended as a workplace. Nevertheless, people will not find a typical workplace in the complex of The Microsoft Campus. When people are imagining about a workplace, they will think of a place which is designed fully for working. However, the complex does not only offer facilities for working because there are so many entertainment facilities offered at this place. The complex is surely not a typical workplace which is filled with office buildings which are boring and cold. The recreational areas in the complex are available to be used by the employees to take a break and find inspiration. It is necessary for maintaining an optimistic and positive mood so the productivity can be improved. Of course, visitors can also enjoy some recreational spots while exploring the complex.

Full Customer Experience

Well, it is said that visitors cannot explore most areas of the Microsoft Campus. At the same time, this condition is quite understandable. However, when people visit this place, they actually can get full customer experience. This place can offer them the experience of the past, the present, and the future of Microsoft Company. The information provided at this place especially in the visitor center can help visitors know more about the products of Microsoft. They can try the products as well when they are visiting 25 30 1 microsoft way redmond.

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