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Email Function, Errors And 25 30 Mail at abc@Microsoft.Com

Electronic mail began to be used in the 1960s. At that time the internet had not yet formed, but only a collection of ‘mainframes’ that were formed as a network. Beginning in the 1980s, electronic mail can be enjoyed by the general public. Nowadays many postal companies in various countries decrease their income because people rarely use postal services anymore. Not only we are going to talk about the function but also 25 30 Mail at abc@Microsoft.Com error.


The use of e-mail allows data to be sent electronically so that it reaches its destination very quickly. You can send files in the form of programs, images, graphics, and other files. You can also send e-mails to several people at the same time. E-mail can also be used to send letters or congratulations to families at home or abroad. In the field of business, e-mail has been used to make business deals or send important documents.

Electronic mail can be secured by using randomization (encryption) techniques. One popular encryption program is PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). By using PGP the contents will be encrypted, and only the intended person can encrypt and read the e-mail. The disadvantage is that it bothers the sender and receiver because both must have the PGP program, and the sender must also have the recipient’s public key, and encrypt the message with that key.

Mail Function

E-mail or electronic mail is a communication medium that is usually done personally or publicly (the community). With e-mail, you can send data to all over the world and of course, the sender and the person who sent the data together use e-mail addresses, not home addresses. Not only that, by using e-mail you can send data to many people in just minutes or seconds.

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Effective, Efficient, and Cheap

Sending data via e-mail is very effective, efficient, and inexpensive. That is, you do not need to leave the house and go to the post office just to send photos or job applications. Simply through an internet connection and your e-mail account, delivery will be fast to the destination address and does not need to be expensive.

Promotion And Information Media

If you have a business on the internet or online business, you can send promotional services to your customers by utilizing an existing customer e-mail list. Through e-mail, you can get the latest information from all over the world that you want by becoming a customer of information from the media that you specify.

Mail Security

Of course, you have used email and perhaps you have heard about 25 30 Mail at abc@Microsoft.Com. E-mail or electronic mail is very easy for us to send messages. At present, there are many free e-mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. We even use email to send private messages and confidential data. So what about email security?. Email is often the main target of hackers. In some cyber cases, email spoofing is also common. Email can also be misused to spread spam. And email is often also used by hackers to spread malware.

An email message generally consists of 3 parts: Header, Body, and signature. The email header contains information about the sender’s address, recipient address, routing information, delivery time, and email subject. The body is a message written by the sender. Besides attachments are also part of the body of the email. And the last part is the signature.

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Some examples of email security threats are malicious email attachments, malicious user redirection, phishing, hoax email, and spam. Malicious email attachments are malicious email attachments. Often attachments are used to spread malware. Malicious user redirection is an email containing a link or link to a web address. This link usually leads the victim to a dangerous website. Said to be dangerous because by visiting this website, our computers are infected with malware. Malicious redirection is divided into several types: referrer based, user agent-based, cookie-based and os based. We should be careful when receiving emails that contain links. Before clicking on the link, you should first try to scan the link with an antivirus or URL scanner. For example the web virustatal.com.

Another technique used by hackers is phishing. Phishing emails are usually used to steal account information, passwords, etc. Then there’s the hoax email. Some examples of hoax emails can be seen on the scamletters.com website. Furthermore, there is also a so-called Nigerian scam. This email generally lures us will get a lot of money, but first, we have to pay a sum of money.

Safety Tips

The last threat is spam email. To deal with spam, currently, there are various anti-spam tools. For example, there is a SPAMfighter. To prevent email hacking, the first tip is to use a password that is hard to crack. Besides, we can also use two-step authentication techniques. Other suggestions are turning off the keep remember me feature, always using the https page, providing recovery addresses, turning off email preview features, activating email filtering features, always scanning attachments with antivirus, checking last account activity features, using encryption and using digital signatures. You can also read more about 25 30 Mail at abc@Microsoft.Com to know the details

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