Commands and Features in GitHub


Although it looks like a random word, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, for some people, can be a code in a computer program. Moreover, it is if you are referring to a system platform like GitHub. GitHub is a service of a system and website-based app that gives services in the form of code storage for free.

By using GitHub, a programmer finds it easier to know the code changes or additions without creating extensions. In other words, it works very similarly to when you update your status on social media. Every activity that you have uploaded, it can be simply known by your followers.

GitHub and the Repository System

GitHub is also known as repository service with numerous users all around the world. Different from other platforms that mainly use Javascript as the programming language, GitHub uses Ruby. Of course, the presence of this platform gives so many benefits for the programmers mainly if they are ongoing developing a website. At least, those programmers can enjoy the following benefits.

First, they can arrange and control changes of the source code by only signing it with lines on the name code that has been added or changed. Second, it is definitely the biggest social media platforms among programmers all around the world. You can conduct a project more easily with it. Moreover, it is if you need to collaborate with other programmers to have it done.

Terms in GitHub

If you are interested to use this platform, it is better to learn about things inside since the beginning. There are indeed many terms in GitHub you must understand first. Well, not all of them but some of those terms are important to know.

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The first term is Git. Git can be defined as the version controlling system or VCS that is developed by Linus Torvalds. Git is the main service that is provided by GitHub to be used by the programmers. Next, there is also Hub. If Git is the body of the system, therefore, Hub is the soul. It is because Hub is the item that is functioned to turn the command line into the social media for programmers.

Okay, we talk about repository since the beginning. So, what is actually the repository? It is not part of your body to breathe for sure. It is a term that refers to the directory of online file storage. Different from the computer in which the files are commonly in the form of media like documents or photos, the files here are in the form of codes.

GitHub also has a branch, meaning the copy of the repository if you want to develop a new project involving other programmers. Lastly, there is also a pull request. It is a request to send information that you have made changes from the branch to the master of the repository.

Steps to Use GitHub

After acknowledging some important terms in GitHub and learning about them, it is the time to use it. You must download the Git app on your computer or laptop. Of course, after that, you must install it by double-clicking the icon and running it.

Make sure to use the basic commands of Git in the beginning mainly if you are still a new user. Some of the features with basic commands are as follows. 

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First, it is the Git configuration that is used to arrange the configuration based on what the users want. For example, it is by using email, username, format files, and more. Second, there is Git Init, a feature and command to create a new repository. How to use GitHub is very easy. It is only by typing “git init” on the place that has been provided.

 Third, Git Add, just like the name, it is functioned to add files into the index as well as the Git Clone, functioned to checkout repository. Lastly, GitHub also has Git Commit as the storage to save every change without adding more changes in the remote repository.

In general, those commands or features only need to be typed based on your necessities. Since this platform is mainly all about codes, common people may not understand them. Therefore, to be used GitHub well, make sure to learn about it from the beginning to avoid any misunderstanding.

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