Things to Know about Javascript Framework


Nowadays, computing and programming are two of the most promising job areas in the world. Many people are just interested to be a programmer for the job opportunity they may have in the future,Unfortunately, programming is not a simple thing to learn about. You must deal with codes that are really difficult to solve. 

One of the tools to learn about in programming is Javascript, Javascript is the programming language that is widely used by many developers, Interestingly, even famous websites or platforms like Twitter and Instagram use it also.Well, as big platforms, they must know what to do with their jobs. The problem is when you are still a beginner. Sure, there are many things to learn first mainly related to the Javascript framework.

What is Javascript Framework?

In the world of development, a framework can be defined as the library of the programming language, If you use Javascript, of course, it is related to the Javascript framework for sure. The framework helps the program to display and translate the data-driven interactive interface.The framework translates the data to users when the interactions are detected.

The libraries tend to be different from one to another. But in general, they have the same functions. It is to display the new data when the interaction is conducted,

Options of the Javascript Framework

There are so many options of Javascript framework to choose. Some of them are popular enough including React, Vue, Angular, and more. Each of them is basically chosen depending on community development and continuity, Besides, you can also choose one of them based on some other factors. For example, they are the GitHub activity, the time duration of the project, and more.

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The frameworks above have different characteristics as well as their own pros and cons. You really need to learn about your project first before choosing one of the frameworks above. To ease you to learn those frameworks, here are some explanations.

First of all, you have React. React is defined as the Javascript library to build up the interface supported by dynamic data. The product is developed by one of Facebook employees. When you use it in Javascript, you may use this popular code; HTML. The main characteristic in React is the presence of Component Subclasses.

React is equipped with some additional options like Add-on. Add-on involves utilities that help the users a lot when they need to create animation and transition, performance profile tools, try-out and more. the React documents also recommend the use of ES6 and JSX in your Javascript code.

Second, there is also Vue. Vue is claimed as the progressive framework that can be easily used. More than that, it also has many other benefits; for example; it is being multifunctional and performance-based. 

The library of Vue is known to be more expressive if you are applying the approach of “attribute value” in the markup. With it, Vue enables you to do some users’ input treatments in establishing the template components. Other functions are to bind the data to the DOM structure conditionally and loop. Meanwhile, the declarative declaring is achieved with a straight syntax that is modeled on the Web Spec Components.

Lastly, Angular is very popular in the realm of developers. Not only is it known to work very well but also the framework is developed by the Google team. In this framework, HTML was never intended to be a dynamic language. Therefore, Angular expands the vocabulary of HTML by letting the attributes expand themselves in your markup. You can also lengthen the template languages using your components by using various arrays from the components.

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Files with such an extension are written in TypeScript. The language used is started from the same Syntax and Semantic. It equals with JavaScript semantic, It is a kind of superset JavaScript compiled into the programming language. It is what often calls language enhancer. One of the examples is the syntax sugar. Here, the CLI tool will help when the code complication is started to conduct

Based on the explanation above, it is clear that the framework of the programming language is needed in programming. It is also one of the factors to decode many unique codes including abcdefghijklmnopqrst.

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