African Food Store Near Me Now

African Food Store Near Me Now
Aunthetic African Restaurants You Must Visit

African food store near me now might be needed by you who want to try tasting the African food or already fall for it. Africa is famous because of its wonderful beauty of nature. There are a lot of species of rare animals live there. But, it is not only the beauty of nature that we can enjoy, but we are also able to enjoy the typical foods of Africa.

There are many African restaurants nowadays because it is already proven that African foods are tasty. For you who want to taste the delicious African foods, here are some recommendations of African restaurants that you must visit.

Marco’s African Place

Marco’s African Place is a restaurant and bars with 280 seats. This African restaurant is located in the Bo Kaap area in Cape Town. Since its opening, Marco’s African Place is proven to be a popular place for both local and international customers. In this African food store, you are able to enjoy the African Cuisine completed with the beautiful African music. There are quite a lot of menus served by Marco’s African Place, such as a pan-seared duck and tribe. Some tasty side dishes are also served such as butternut and creamed spinach.

Not only the tasty foods and beautiful African music that you can enjoy in Marco’s African Place. You can also enjoy some games which are provided in this place. The address of this African restaurant is in 15 Rose St, Schotsche Kloof, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa. You are also able to contact its phone number at  +27 21 423 5412.

Gold Restaurant

Gold Restaurant will allow you to taste the various typical African foods, from Cape Malay to African Cuisine, and from Cape Town to Timbuktu. You will be served with the 14-course menu set on your table. It is a great way to start your night by enjoying the attractive Djembe drumming session which will make you start to dance to the rhythm. The typical African songs and rhythms will be played to accompany you for the rest of your night.

The attractive Djembe drumming session will last for 30 minutes. Enough to pop up your energy in the night. Moreover, there is a unique ceremony in this African restaurant. It is a unique ceremony of hand washing which will complete your unforgettable experience in Gold Restaurant. You are able to find this amusing African restaurant at 15 Bennet St, Green Point, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa. And here is the phone number of the restaurant that you can contact:  +27 21 421 4653.

Africa Cafe

If you visit Africa Cafe, you will be served by an interesting experience of tasting various typical foods from Moscow to Rio. In this African restaurant, you are able to enjoy not only the typical African foods, but also the decoration, and the people with their friendliness. The Africa cafe is full of various typical African decorations. Even the table is completed with African patterned tablecloth. If you love to capture your moments in a unique place, visiting Africa Cafe is a must.

There is also an attractive traditional entertainment performed in this African food store. Find Africa Cafe at 108 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town 8001, South Africa. If you want to make a reservation, you are able to call +27 21 422 0221.

Mama Africa

Mama Africa was set up in 1995 as a celebration of the new democracy of South Africa. This African food store offers a vibrant and dynamic hospitality and also diversity. Since its opening, Mama Africa becomes a famous place for both local and international tourists to meet, drink, eat, and also have a conversation. This place provides a welcoming and warm environment for its visitors.

Mama Africa serves various tasty African foods. The bar in this place is a comfortable spot for meeting and chatting with your close ones. Moreover, there is also a band performs in this African restaurant. The band will play you various beautiful local songs that will successfully make you feel only happiness and joy.

This African food store is located in 178 Long Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town 8001, South Africa. If you want to contact this restaurant, here is the phone number:  +27 21 426 1017.

Moyo In Kirstenbosch

Moyo In Kirstenbosch is an anti-mainstream destination if you want to feel the advanced African experience. This African restaurant is inspired by the African ancestors’ value and also traditions. If you visit Moyo In Kirstenbosch, you will be able to enjoy the African atmosphere which is very warm and modern at the same time. This African food store is dominated by wood material, this is why this place looks so warm.

For the foods served, you surely cannot reject. All of the African foods served in this restaurant are all delicious. Visiting Moyo in Kirstenbosch will give you an unforgettable moment. Visit this African restaurant at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, Rhodes Drive, Cape Town 7700, South Africa. If you want to stay late in this place, visit it on Friday becomes it closes at 11 at night.

Noble on Long

Located in the iconic and famous Long Street, Noble on Long is an authentic Afropolitan restaurant that creates and serves the multicultural foods. And all of them are incredibly tasty. When you visit Noble on Long African restaurant, you will be welcomed by a warm environment that will make you feel like you are at a home.

Moreover, this African food store is decorated with beautiful decorations such as the colorful chairs, rattan hanging lamps, wooden dining table, brick walls, and a giant crocodile statue on the walls. The place is a perfect place to take some pictures and you can upload it on your social media. Visit this decorative African restaurant at 35 Long Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town 8000, South Africa. If you want to make a reservation, you can call  +27 21 426 9004.

Those are the recommendations of the African food store near me now.

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