Apps to Find Restaurants near Me within 20 Miles


Apps to Find Restaurants near Me within 20 Miles

If people can find the restaurants near me within 20 miles easily, there is no question that they do not have to worry about finding the right food any longer even when they have to go far from their hometown. It does not mean that they have to go around the area just for finding the right restaurant for them. Technology can ease their effort to find the right restaurant. In this circumstance, they should use the apps below which can be really useful for finding the near restaurant along. More importantly, they can get the review first before they can make a decision to choose a certain restaurant. Of course, people can find some great names which are pretty well-known in the world.


TripAdvisor can offer people great help when traveling. There is no doubt that this website can be considered as one of the most popular traveling websites in the world. This website is not only about travel after all because it is also about the restaurant. The visitors will always be able to book any kind of accommodation during their trip including the hotel rooms, restaurants, and flights. It is getting better because people can know more about the place they want to visit by reading the opinions written by other users. It means that people can choose the place which is really satisfying according to the common users. The information from this website can be accessed for free. People can choose to access TripAdvisor website or apps based on their personal preference. People love this website because it can give the needed information about the restaurants to eat and they do not have to worry at all about the paid review. The review on this website is much more trustworthy after all.

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Foursquare City Guide

Another great tool which people can use anytime they are looking for the restaurants and bars in the area they are is Foursquare City Guide. This tool can provide them with great help in finding new places as well. The information which people can get from this platform is pretty useful because the tips, as well as the recommendations, are made by the real people. It means that they can choose a better option of restaurant choice by considering other people’s experience. By using this tool, people will be able to make the lists. The places can also be rated and more importantly, they can leave their comments about each place available on the app. Foursquare City Guide can be found on the website, but they can also download the apps for Android and iOS. There is no need to struggle to find the nearest restaurants and bars using this app. People will never get disappointed when using help from this app to find the places to eat near their current location.


Anytime people want to find the restaurants near me within 20 miles, they should not think twice to use LocalEats app for helping them. By using this app, users will be able to find the best restaurants which are independently owned across America. It will be easier to sort the best restaurants after all. The app allows the users to browse the best restaurants by the city or by the category. This app is available for Android and iOS but people have to pay $0.99 to install this application. This app can be used for finding a casual place for eating out. They even can find a pop shop and small mom shop by searching on this app. They will get a great list as well as a map with a clean layout. It means that following the maps can be done very easily. Unfortunately, the data on some area cannot be found on this app.

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Lyra might not be a great name in the list of apps which can help people to find great restaurants to eat. However, they can really find that this app is useful for them who are looking for the best places to eat out. This app can be a personal assistant for finding the place to eat for the smartphone with Android and iOS operating system. In fact, people can find this app really useful because there are some other great functions which can be found from this app besides finding restaurants. It can be used for setting alarms, translating words, saving notes, as well as telling jokes. This is not a joke by the way. The great function of this app can be downloaded for free.

Google Maps

Everyone knows and uses Google Maps. There is no question that this is the most popular navigation tool which many people use nowadays. People usually use this app for choosing as well as planning their route by using various kinds of transportation mode from public transportation to walking. Google Maps support is getting better and better because using this tool; people will be able to explore certain areas. It means that it will be easier for them finding the restaurants which are near to their current location. Even better, people access the information on this tool for free. There is no doubt that many people depend on this tool for helping them find restaurants and other places.

Restaurant Finder

People can also use Restaurant Finder apps when they want to look for the best foods which can be found near their location. Of course, this app will also be a great help for finding the places to eat which are not far from their location. The app can also be used for finding the nearest location by using the location of the smartphone but this function can only work if the user allows it. This app can be downloaded on to Android and iOS devices for free. It is great that the app can be used easily as well.

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There are still some other great tools which can be used such as Zomato, Urbanspoon, HappyCow FREE, and of course, Google to find the restaurants near me within 20 miles.

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