Authentic Italian Restaurant near Me

Authentic Italian Restaurant near Me

7 Recommendations of  Authentic Italian Restaurant near Me

What is the authentic Italian restaurant near me? Italy is known not only for the history but also for famous foods. Well, you can just mention them; there are pizza, spaghetti, and still many more. Of course, there are still many other tasty dishes from Italy you should try. To have them, you actually don’t need to take a flight to this Colosseum’s country but just look for the authentic Italian restaurant around. So, what are the recommendations? Here they are.

The Original Valentino Italian Restaurant

Compared with some other popular Italian restaurants, this one indeed has the highest rating, not only for the delicious dishes but also the cozy place. The menu provided slightly doesn’t look so special. There are pasta, pizza, and steak. Interestingly, some of the options are served differently but some others still remain their originality. The ingredients and spices are originally brought from Italy anyway.

To enjoy all the foods from The Original Valentino Italian Restaurant, you can just go to 323 US-17 BUS, Surfside Beach, San Francisco 29575, USA. It opens every day unless Monday starting from 12.00 to 9.00 PM. It is possible to do make orders via phone at +1 843 839 4949 or website at The menu is also available in

Riga Tony’s Authentic Italian Restaurant

Next, you have Riga Tony’s Authentic Italian Restaurant. It comes out and is popular not only for the foods offered but also the throwback decor idea. Yes, this restaurant is indeed focused on serving classic foods in which nowadays, they cannot be simply found around. So, if you are just curious or missing the atmosphere of classic Italy, this place is just a good choice.

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So, how can you have them all? Well, the address of this restaurant is 1850E Warner Road, Tempe, Arizona, 85284, USA. The restaurant opens every day starting from 11.00 am to 10.00 pm. For delivery order and seeing the menu, please make a call at +1 480 899 1111 or

Al Forno Restaurant

Different from the two restaurants mentioned above, this one tends to give a luxury vibe starting from the interior decoration to the menu. Yes, the interior decoration makes you feel like in a classy restaurant with all the royal services. Sure, what makes it more interesting is regarding the dishes only from the most quality ingredients. For the reasons, you should not be surprised if the prices offered are a little bit more expensive. But it is just suitable for what you will find anyway.

So that you can eat the grilled pizzas and pasta here, you need to go to 577 S Water St, Providence, Rhode Island on2903, USA. Unfortunately, the restaurant doesn’t open every day, it is only from Tuesday to Saturday, at 5.00-10.00 pm. Although the restaurant has its own excellence, it is possible to order the menu via phone at +1 401 273 9760. To see the menu, it is on


Spiaggia is indeed known as a stunning place with refined Italian cuisines. It maintains the traditional cooking process so that the authentic and original tastes can just still be remained. Uniquely, although the traditional concept is still being there, the atmosphere and decoration of the restaurant itself are definitely modern. The menu available is including pizza and pasta with numerous variants.

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Spiaggia is located in 980 N Michigan Ave 2nd Floor, Suite 1 Chicago, Illinois, 60611, USA. The restaurant opens every day from 5.30 to 10.00 pm. Reservation is possible it is via website It is possible to make orders as well as reservations by phone at +1 312 280 2750. Before ordering or probably making the reservation, the menu can be seen in


Based on many culinary hunter reviews, Domenica offers a great menu, great place, and great taste. Indeed, to order some of them, you may need to spend more money but it is just worth with the delicacy you may enjoy. The restaurant itself is really comfortable; there is the airy space with the magnificent chandelier on the ceiling. Meanwhile, some of the dishes offered are unique including pizzas with toppers you have never seen before.

So, if you are about to come to New Orleans, Los Angeles, make sure to visit this restaurant. The address is specifically on 123 Baronne Street. You should not worry since the restaurant opens 12 hours per day from 11.00 am to 11.00 pm. Since it is often fully booked, you can make an observation first via For the menu, please look at its official website and make a call at +1 504 648 6020.

IL Granaio Authentic Italian Restaurant

Undeniably, comfort and coziness are being the reasons why people coming to a coffee or restaurant. Well, it seems that Il Granaio knows it so much for establishing and providing a beautiful room for you to enjoy. The interior that is mostly from wooden plate just lets you enjoy more the traditional nuance of Italy. Of course, the foods are available in great tastes including many variants of pizza and pasta as well as beverages in the dining bar.

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To enjoy the fine dining in this starred restaurant, you can go directly to the address at 248 5th Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11215, USA. You should not worry since Il Granaio opens every day two times; they are 7.00 am – 3.00 pm and 6.00 – 10.30 pm. Do you want to make orders or reservations? Do it via phone at + 1 718 783 4565.


Lastly, you have Quince. Quince is unique for the seasonal menu available and all the foods are made from original ingredients directly brought from Italy. Not only is it about pizza, pasta, and other common Italian foods, the wine collections in this restaurant should not be missed out. Make sure to come here with the beloved ones.

Despite visiting the restaurant directly, enjoy the foods at home by making orders by calling it at +1 415 775 8500. If you want to make a reservation, it is available via So, which one is the most favorite authentic Italian restaurant near me?

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