Best Japanese Steakhouse Near Me


Best Japanese Steakhouse Near Me

Talking about Japan, many people like their culture and food. While strolling around the city, I have tried several Japanese steakhouses near my flat. Since Japanese food is my favorite, I often go there. Although not all of them are near, they have delivery service so you can have it home. Some people like Japanese food not only because the taste is great but also in love with how they serve and cook it traditionally. It gives you another point if you sit in their restaurant because the waitress and the interior surprisingly will make you feel like in Japan already.


Ajisai is a modern bistro with creative sushi where you can have both lunch and dinner dishes. It is located at 615 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036, USA. This place is usually full because not only the food is brilliant but the price is quite affordable. It is approximately $75 for two. But don’t be sad, because you can reserve a table before you in, or simply use their delivery service. One more thing that might take your interest that they serve alcohol and open until 12 midnight on Monday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, they open at 11.30 AM until 12.30 AM, while it is open on 12 noon until 11.30 PM on Sunday.

Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ

Not far from Ajisai in 44th St, you can find Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ that is located at 321 W 44th St#103, New York, NY 10036, USA. It serves not only barbeque, but also salad and appetizer like tacos, kim chee or dumplings. If you are willing to bring your kids here, make sure you know that the grill is hot and watch your kids because the actual fire might surprise them. Many people go here to experience the DIY (Do It Yourself) grill, because it surely is fun! You can adjust how well do you want your meat or how much you want to add the ketchup. Don’t worry because the waitress will show you how to do it at first, or even do it if you want.

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Kodama Sushi

Right in the 45th street, there is Kodama Sushi on the right side. It is a casual Japanese restaurant serves brilliant Japanese food, located at 301 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036, USA. It is quite different from other restaurant because they also have bento box that comes with miso soup and salad. Since they serve brilliant food, other facilities like full bar and indoor cozy seating makes people go here often. This restaurant is also one of my favorite Japanese steakhouses that’s near me, but I often use their delivery service because sometimes I can’t handle the waiting list. Many people like their shrimp.

Sushi of Gari 46

This modern eatery for Japanese dishes added to my favorite Japanese steakhouse near me lists. It is located at 700 8th Ave, New York, NY 10036, USA and opens at 12 noon until 2 PM open again at 5 PM until 10.30 PM for Monday to Friday, and 5 PM until 10.30 PM for Friday and Saturday. They have several facilities such as full bar, table booking service, indoor seating, but sadly they don’t have delivery service. It does not mean you have to sit there for the meal, but you can take out your food. Not only the food that is delicious, but the price is surprisingly affordable. It cost approximately $55 for two.

Sushi Seki

My other list of favorite Japanese Steakhouse near me would be Sushi Seki. It serves alcohol, Wi-Fi, raw food and omakase, but surprisingly they are also vegetarian friendly! It is located in 365 west 46th street, New York, NY, 10036 and opens on 05.30 PM until 11 PM every Monday to Saturday, and closed especially at Sunday. Although the price is quite higher than the restaurants I have mentioned above, sure you won’t be disappointment because they have a great quality in serving fish. It is approximately cost $120 for two.

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Ippudo Westside

Another Japanese steakhouse near me would be Ippudo Westside. This restaurant is located at 321 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019, USA. Usually open on 11.00 AM until 3.30 PM then open again at 05.00 PM to 11 PM on Monday to Thursday, 11.00 AM until 3.30 PM then open again at 05.00 PM to 11 PM on Friday only. Special for Saturday and Sunday, open at 11.00 AM until 11.00 PM and 11.00 AM until 10.30 PM. They do not have delivery service, but you can call to have a reservation. Many people enjoyed their ramen and chicken bao buns. Although the interior is not so Japanese, but the bar seat is quite cozy.


Last but not the least; my other favorite Japanese steakhouse is Nippori. Although it is not so near from other restaurants above, but it has a very special ramen and a nice Japanese interior. They put a lot of Japanese stuffs inside the room, and as a sign of a good Japanese restaurant, many Japanese people go here to get their lunch. It is located at 245 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019, USA, opens at 11.30 AM until 11.30 PM on Monday to Friday and 12.00 PM until 11.30 PM on Saturday while 12.00 until 11.00 PM only on Sunday. They also have several services such as delivery service, take out and they serve alcohol too. Having lunch here is quite representing lunch in Japan, sure you will like their traditional way in serving your food.

All of the restaurants above are on my favorite Japanese steakhouse near me. The services are all good, the food is brilliant and the place is nice and comfy. Since the fare is quite various, you can choose which services you need and which restaurant is closest to you. If you have not visit Japan for its beautiful city, at least you have tried their food at these restaurants above!

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