Finding the Best Fried Chicken Restaurants Near Me

Finding the Best Fried Chicken Restaurants Near Me

How do I find the best fried chicken restaurants near me? Together with burgers and fries, fried chicken is a staple for Americans. Almost every fast-food joint in this country includes a variety of fried chickens in their menu. Certain establishments, such as KFC and Popeyes, even make fried chicken their primary product. If you want to eat fried chicken, there are countless places in the United States to find a delicious fried chicken. However, because you are looking for the best of all fried chicken restaurants not only in this country, but also in the area where you live, you will have to narrow down your list based on various considerations, including the location, the style, and the overall taste. We will cover each of those points below.

Cooking Style and Restaurant Type

If I want to find the best fried chicken restaurants near me, which restaurant type is the best? Different restaurants use different cooking and serving styles which will then determine the specific types of those restaurants. In a fast-food restaurant, fast service is the focus, so the chicken might already be fried before you order it. When you order it, mostly at the counter and not from your table, you will be provided with the already fried chicken so that you don’t have to wait too long to get your meal. This is also the case when you are ordering using drive-through mechanism.

In a casual dining or fine dining restaurant, your fried chicken is cooked after you sit on your table. You may even get an appetizer before your fried chicken as the main course is served on your table and get desserts later after you finish your main course. Although there is a possibility that the fried chicken that you eat at a casual or fine dining restaurant will have a basically similar look to that of fried chicken served in a fast-food restaurant, the freshness, the taste, the texture, and the seasonings will be significantly different.

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Which of those restaurants is the best for you? It depends. If you want fast service and cheap price, a fast-food restaurant is your best destination. If you prefer a fresh fried chicken with restaurant-grade services that are still affordable, you should visit a fast-casual or a casual dining restaurant. If you are planning a formal or romantic dinner with a special guest or with your date, the best place to visit is obviously a fine dining restaurant.

Where to Find the Best Fried Chicken Restaurants Near You

Your first concern is your location. Because you are asking, how to find the best fried chicken restaurants near me, location becomes an important factor to mind. There are two possible answers depending on the cooking style and the type of restaurant that you want to visit. If you don’t mind to get the fried chicken from a fast-food restaurant, finding fast-food joints that serve fried chicken should not be difficult because the biggest fried chicken franchises in the world, such as KFC, Popeyes, and Church’s, must already have a restaurant in your locality.

However, eating at a fast-food restaurant is not the only way to enjoy fried chicken. Many casual dining and even fine dining restaurants actually also serve fried chicken in their menu. If you want to eat at any of such restaurants, you need to do a little bit of online searching to find out whether there are any nearby casual and fine dining restaurants that serve fried chicken.

Fast-Food Restaurants that Serve Fried Chicken

My budget tells me that fast-food restaurants are the best fried chicken restaurants near me that I should visit, so which fast-food restaurants that actually serve fried chicken? If you decide to eat at a fast-food restaurant, here are the best fried chicken joints that you can visit.

  1. Popeye’s

Popeye’s is considered the best fried chicken joint that is known for its unique Louisiana flavor and juicy texture. Popeye’s prized product is actually its spicy fried chicken, which makes many people love this restaurant. When you order a fried chicken, you will also get Popeye’s special buttery biscuits that are considered the best snacks fast food lovers ever have.

  1. Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken is another popular fried chicken restaurant in the United States that is known for its juicy and flavorful chicken meat. The breading of the chicken feels so crunchy that it creates a unique sensation when it enters your mouth. You will also get the delicious honey-butter biscuits when you order your meal.

  1. Chick-Fill-A

If you hate chicken bones, you should visit Chick-Fill-A, which boasts itself as the home of chicken sandwich. Because the fried chicken served is primarily used for sandwich’s filling, the meat is boneless and—most of the time—grounded. Of course, you can always order the boneless fried chicken with its flavorful breading without the bread slices.

  1. KFC

There is perhaps no fried chicken joint more popular than KFC. You can find KFC is almost every corner of the world. It is so famous that its fried chicken recipe is actually kept in secret, although some researches have attempted to uncover it.

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Which one of those fast-food restaurants is the best? The list above is actually built based on the overall rating. A test conducted by the vlogger Sarah Schmalbruch from Insider has rated the four biggest fried chicken chains in the United States to determine which restaurant offers the best fried chicken. The list above shows that Popeye’s offers the best chicken with its juicy and flavorful meat and crunchy and similarly flavorful breading and that KFC, despite its popularity, actually serves fried chicken that is not very great, with its dry meat and bland breading.

What If You Want to Try Non-Fast-Food Restaurants?

I don’t mind spending more to have a great time in the best fried chicken restaurants near me. Therefore, show me ones. If you are looking for the best casual and fine dining restaurants that serve fried chicken, the number is almost limitless because each region has its own casual and fine dining restaurants that serve fried chicken. If you are looking for a casual dining franchise that has many branches in different cities, Bojangles is your best choice.

Other non-fast-food restaurants are mostly located at one specific place. Restaurants like Beasley’s Chicken and Honey in Raleigh, NC; Arnold’s Country Chicken in Nashville, TN; and Brenda’s Meat and Three in San Francisco, CA are just a few examples of restaurants that offer fried chicken cooked in a very specific style. Which one of them is the best? Due to their specific cooking styles, it would be better if you try their fried chicken yourself to determine which one of them is the best.

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