Foods You Can Eat With Diabetes

4 Foods You Can Eat With Diabetes Give You Big Surprise Change

Maintaining the high blood sugar is quite difficult for most people with diabetes, since they have to consume only some healthy foods with highly good amount of fiber, vitamins and mineral. For this reason, it is important to have careful attention on it because consuming all kind foods without consideration may enhance the blood sugar level that leads to serious complications. To deal with it, we provide you with 4 best foods you can eat with diabetes. As you follow healthy diabetic diet, you can gain more benefits for overall health.

Best foods you can eat with diabetes to keep the glucose blood level in check


  • Beef


To those with high blood sugar who want to enjoy beef can have the leanest slice that will keep the portion not more than one-fourth of your plate. One of these foods you can eat with diabetes contains highly protein that helps you building the muscle. In addition, this diabetic-friendly food also keeps your blood sugar stay normal. To enjoy the delicious beef, you can marinate it with citrus juice or vinegar for better taste.


  • Eggs


If you want to get more protein with less money, you are obliged to consume egg, since it is affordable for most people. To get more satiated for longer time, you can consume two eggs per day and do not worry of rising blood sugar and cholesterol, since one of foods you can eat with diabetes is safe. What you need to know is that the yolk contains of biotin that is important for insulin production. With high omega 3, this food is good for diabetics.

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  • Sweet potatoes


An example of starchy vegetable that is good for diabetics is sweet potatoes that contains of beta-caroten and vitamin A that keep your immune system works well. For most people, foods you can eat with diabetes in this case are sweet potatoes do not have something in common with white potatoes in term of its nutrients. Unlike the white potatoes, the sweet one is the best source of fiber and is good for cholesterol as well. If you really want to consume white potatoes, you can serve it by baking them for several minutes.


  • Quinoa 


In recent years, the role of quinoa as gluten-free foods gains its attention among the people with diabetes. Considered as one of the best foods you can eat with diabetes, quinoa is high for fiber, mineral, vitamin and protein that will not cause the blood sugar raise quickly for short period of time. To consume this food will help you to slim down your body, so that it is good for your healthy diet program.

Many foods you can eat with diabetes are available in the market and it is affordable for all people. What the big problem among diabetics is to manage the healthy lifestyle by doing regular exercise and eating right foods. In dealing with foods to consume, diabetics are suggested to add more fiber, vitamin, mineral and protein as the source of energy. So, start to manage your food to consume for your wellness.


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