Guide To Buy Fresh Seafood Market Near Me

Guide To Buy Fresh Seafood Market Near Me

Guide to buy fresh seafood market near me

How to buy fresh seafood market near me? When you want to buy fresh seafood, there are several fresh markets that offer you vary of seafood. How you buy and the store will affect to the nutritious and also the freshness. Here are the complete guides on how you buy the seafood in the fresh seafood market.

Buying fresh seafood

Seafood has all of nutritious you need to give you your families. It has a high protein source. While you buy seafood, it is important for you to buy the fresh one and also store seafood in the right way. Here is the guide you should know when you buy fresh seafood.

1.    Smell it. Your nose is the best to test the freshness. All raw seafood will smell fresh, not “fishy” at all. it will help you to buy the fresh seafood

2.    The fish should have firm and shiny flesh when it touched.

3.    The fresh seafood should not have any dark edges or yellowish discoloration.

4.    When you go to a fresh seafood market, never get deterred with fish that labeled with “previously frozen seafood” in the fish counter. This label just means that it is the flash frozen seafood that means the nutrients are sealed when the freezing time.

5.    The uncooked frozen seafood fish fillet and steaks that you want to buy should be completely frozen. The ice crystal should not be presented in the packaging on the inside of the seafood.

6.    Frozen seafood should do not have any color discoloration and dark spots.

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7.    Whole fish. When buying whole fish, search for the firm flesh that springs back, red gills and also clear eyes. Why buy the whole fish? It gives cost less per pound than you buy fillets.

8.    Fillets. The fillets fish should be firm when it touched. Avoid any fillets that have an oily sheen or it look comes with excessive gapping in the flesh or the one that stored in standing water.

Store fresh seafood

It is important to store your seafood properly.  This will help you to keep the freshness and good quality of the ingredients you buy. There is a different treatment that should you pay attention to different seafood package and type.

•    Raw seafood. The raw seafood should be stored in the coldest part in the refrigerator, if possible, in the meat drawer. Keep your seafood in the original packaging of its store or seafood market and then cook within a day of purchase.

•    Prepare seafood.  If you buy the prepared seafood, then it should be not in a container for more than 4 days. For preserve the freshness from your seafood, it always stores the prepared seafood in the covered container.

•    Frozen (uncooked) seafood.  The frozen seafood is recommended to store in the freezer, not more than 3 to 6 months.  Before preparing the uncooked frozen seafood, it is important to check the discoloration or ice crystal as these are signs that the fish may no longer fresh.

•    Frozen (previously) cooked. If you froze the cooked seafood you can thaw it and eat for within 2 months.

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Thawing your frozen seafood

If you decide to not cook all the seafood you buy today, then you can freeze it in the refrigerator as well and use for next time. When it comes to cook and need to thaw it, read this guide to help you get stay nutritious seafood.

•    Overnight thawing. This is a method to thaw the frozen seafood in overnight in the refrigerator.  Take the frozen seafood in the refrigerator a day before and then place it in the clean container and cover with plastic wrap. Place the container into the lower shelf in the refrigerator to defrost the seafood. After it thaws, then discard any liquid in the package and ‘use within this day.

•    Quick thawing. Thawing in the refrigerator is an ideal way or you can also ‘thaw the frozen seafood in cool water or in the microwave. Just to be sure the seafood is cooked thoroughly before you serve it.

•    Microwave thawing. Read the instruction for defrosted the seafood in the microwave. Be careful when using the microwave and prevent not overheat the seafood. Cook the seafood immediately.

•    Cool water thawing. Place the seafood in a leak-proof plastic baggie. Tightly seal the baggie and submerge into cold tap water (never use hot or warm water) and change the water every 30 minutes until the frozen seafood is defrosted. Cook the seafood immediately after it thawed.

The best seafood market in America

There is several best seafood market in America that well-known with its reputation for good fresh seafood quality.

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1.    Pike Place Market, Seattle. For you who live in Seattle, this is a must visit seafood market you should go at least once. Pike Place is once claimed as the Nation’s most colorful seafood market.

2.    Empire fish, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Empire Fish has been selling seafood for a longer period, since 1913. The retail store offers the consumer to choose many options of seafood including shellfish, oyster, fish, and others that same and available for general and chefs.

3.    Fisherman express, Anchorage, Alaska. This is a market that founded and operated by the former commercial crab fisherman that have specialization in King Crab. This seafood market also sells other Alaskan specialties include halibut cheeks, and ‘all is not farm raised, but wild. This seafood market has an official website that allows you to order by online and get shipped order.

4.    Lexington market, Baltimore, Maryland. Since founded in 1972, Lexington market has become home for the world’s crab cakes.

5.    Sun fat seafood co. sun fat is a good place for you to buy seafood in San Francisco California. They have a patient employee that willing to explain to their customer about what they should buy and even how to cook it. This is great to visit.

When you want to buy seafood, choose the fresh ingredient is the healthiest option for you. Go to the fresh seafood market near me will give more option to cook with the healthiest seafood option.

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