Helloworldhttps //privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement.

Let’s Get to Know More about “helloworldhttps//privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement”!

This time, we will discuss helloworldhttps//privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement. That is, this article will be more detailed and focused on explaining Microsoft privacy. However, you of course also have to understand in general about hello world. Ok, check it out!

The general view of the hello world

Hello world is the name of a type of computer program taken the first time in a programming course. The program is very simple by showing the text “Hello world” on the screen. This early example is used to write more sophisticated programs. Hello world! the first time used by C language programmers to demonstrate the ability of this language. (Wikipedia)

The computer is stupid. They only do as they are told. Then how do you tell the computer what to do? Of course, the language that computers understand, just calls it a programming language. The first thing you will do when learning a new programming language is how to make the computer display “Hello, World”.

Microsoft privacy

The main mission of Microsoft

At Microsoft, its primary mission is exactly for empowering each organization and person on a planet and it is to get more. They do it by making or building smart clouds, the productivity of rediscovering and processes of business and making more personal computing. Regarding all these matters, they will preserve the privacy value that is timeless and maintain your ability to control the data of yours.

It exactly starts by making sure you will get some meaningful and good choices about why and how the data is used and collected. It ensures that you get the needed information to get the right choices regarding Microsoft services and products.

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Microsoft privacy principles

At Microsoft, exactly helloworldhttps//privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement, they strive to get your true trust by doing the following six principles of privacy:

  • Control: Microsoft programmers will allow you to control your own privacy with some easy tools and also clear options.
  • Transparency: they are very transparent to the collection and use of data, so you may take the right and informed decisions.
  • Security: they will keep the data which you have entrusted us with strong encryption and security.
  • Strong legal protection: Microsoft will appreciate the law of local privacy, also, fight for your law protection of privacy as a human right.
  • No content with the targeting: Microsoft will not take the email, files, chat, or content of personal for targetting the ads.
  • Benefits for you: When Microsoft collects data, Microsoft will take it so that you get benefits and a better experience.

These principles are the basis of the approach of the Microsoft to privacy and then, it will continue to influence the way that we want to build the services and products.

In other parts of this great website, you will get the links to controls and more information so you can take the best decision. Microsoft service also continues to strive to make improvements, well, if you face some errors in the services that do not meet your expectations regarding privacy, you can notify Microsoft programmers.

What data is collected by Microsoft?

Microsoft basically collects the data for helping you to do great. Doing this, we take the data which we have collected to improve, and operate the services, software, and devices, so we can provide a personalized experience and help you stay safe. Here are the general data categories we collected.

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A search of Web and online search

Like other engines of search, they use your history of search, and history collected from the other one, to display better results of a search. For speeding up the search of the web, Microsoft’s web browser can use and collect the search history of browsing to predict your search goals. Cortana may make personalized recommendations which are based on the search and browsing history of yours.

You may select whether or not the history of browsing is collected through Response and Diagnostic Settings in settings of Windows privacy. Then, you may manage if Cortana will have access to the search and browsing history of yours in settings of Microsoft Edge and Cortana.

The place you visited

The information of location helps us provide directions to where you exactly intend to go, as well as showing relevant information about your current location. For it, they use a location which you give or which they detect uses technology such as addresses of IP or GPS.

Detecting locations basically help to protect you. Such as, when you normally enter from Tokyo, then suddenly you enter from London, they may check to see if it really is you.

You may enable or disable location services for the device of yours in Settings to Privacy to Location. Then, you may select which Store of Microsoft applications have access to the location of your, and manage the history of location stored on the device.

Well, those are everything related to helloworldhttps//privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement. 

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