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The Main Functions of GitHub and How to Use It

Input Autofocus Onfocus Alert 501337

The input autofocus onfocus alert 501337 is a term that is related to a platform namely GitHub. What is GitHub? GitHub is a website-based app that gives services mainly in the form of repository storage for free.

The repository itself is a place where you can save files in the form of source codes. Simply, it works very similarly to when you create a folder in Google Drive. Then, the folder is filled with your files and even software. Well, repository in GitHub is functioned just like the folder in Google Drive above.

GitHub is also known as Version Control System (VCS). Interestingly, VCS by GitHub is the most popular in the world. It is not surprising if many big companies like Facebook, Twitter, and even Google use GitHub to collaborate with their programmers for the development of their apps.

As a result, you may be often connected to GitHub when looking for reference sources in Google. As it has been mentioned above, GitHub is a social media and VCS that is highly recommended in the realm of programmers.

What are the functions of GitHub?

GitHub enables you to create a project, for example creating a profile of your company’s website. To do the project you may ask one of your friends to do the backend part. Backend refers to things like PHP, MySQL, and more. so that the job can be conducted faster and more easily, you can try to use GitHub.

The most important thing about using this platform is that the job can be done by two people or more without them meeting with each other. That’s why, GitHub is known as the tool for collaborations.

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More than that, you can do many other things in GitHub as follows. First, you can follow other programmers. Therefore, it is easy to know the activities done by them. Besides, it can also be functioned just like the bookmark.

Second, the Watch feature in this platform is also effective to use certain repositories. If there is a change happening, you can get notifications.

Third, another feature is named Fork which looks like Copy-Paste in other programs. If you are finding a source code by other programmers, you can get Fork. Next day, you don’t need to look for the source code one more time. You only need to open your repository and then find it out.

Lastly, GitHub is also a good medium to get a job. Well, it is in case you want to have another job aside from being a programmer. You can contact other programmers to collaborate in conducting a project. It is really possible because your GitHub account consists of personal data including photos, emails, the number of the repository, and more. 

The more followers of an account, it means that the owner has already been really experts in term of coding and programming. Often, it becomes the main consideration to choose a partner for collaboration.

How is to use GitHub?

Before starting to use it, there are some types of software to be installed on your computer. The most important one is GIT. Besides, make sure to learn about the basic command of GIT. They are Git configuration, Git Init, Git Add, Git Clone, Git Commit, Git Status, Git Push, and still many more. You should not worry since they are commonly available in one package. You don’t need to get them one by one separately.

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Each of the items mentioned above has its own functions. Git Configuration, for example, is a kind of command that is mostly used in GitHub. The item is to set up certain configurations that the users like the most including email, the algorithm for diff, username, format file, and more. To set it up, you need to insert the code.

Meanwhile, Git Init is the item that is functioned to make a new repository as well as Git Add to add files to the index. Another important feature is Git Clone to ease you more in checking out the repository. It is mainly when the repository is placed in the remote server.

Sure, there are many things you must learn about GitHub to utilize it more optimally. This way, complicated codes like the input autofocus onfocus alert 501337 can be known better

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