8 Benefits of Using Javascript in the App Development


Llllllllllllllllllllllllll, have you ever seen such a code when opening a particular webpage? It can be a sign that the website has an error anyway. But more than that, the code also has a meaning that represents its current conditions.

Sure if you don’t have any knowledge in term of coding and programming, such a code will not be easily known what the meaning is. But it is not bad for sure to have a little view regarding those unique and strange codes.

The code is basically a part of a programming language. One of the most popular programming languages is Javascript. Of course, there are many reasons why this language is really popular. One of them is that Javascript is used by almost many big websites and apps all around the world. Even big platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Netflix use it also.

Javascript indeed gives you some benefits that cannot be found in other programming languages. What are the benefits? Here they are.

Minimizing Servers’ Interactions

One of the best ways to optimize the website’s performance and speed is by minimizing the communication to the server. In this case, Javascript validates input users in the client-side. The script can only send requests to the server after doing the initial validation. Consequently, the resource usage and the number of requests can be lessened significantly.

Simple but Complete Interface

Javascript also helps you to create a client-side interface that is more interactive. For example, it is by adding sliders, slideshow, mouse roll-over effects, and other features. It helps developers a lot to create more communicative and attractive websites. Interestingly, it is very easy to learn and doesn’t take too much time.

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Faster Feedbacks to Users

By using Javascript, users can get feedback faster and more easily. For example, when a user has filled in a form and there is a part or column that is still empty, there will be a notification given to him. Well, it works due to the Javascript validation anyway. Without it, the users may not be realized that he has left one empty column behind until the page is reloaded.

Easy Debugging

Javascript can be defined as a decoded language. It means that the codes that have been written are translated line by line. When there is an error, you can directly see the line where the errors happen. In other words, there is no need to check all the lines just to find out where the error is. This way, all of your jobs can be done faster.

Small Memory Resource

The next benefit given by Javascript is placed in the memory resource. Javascript needs a memory resource that is relatively small and light. It helps the developers a lot in developing light apps while they still have great features and functions for users. In fact, small and lightweight apps are more demanded by users since it helps them to save more space. The device’s performance will be better as well.

Easy to Learn

Along with the development of technology, a programming language will be used more and developed in the future. People who learn it must need to master the language faster and more easily for sure. Luckily, Javascript is one of the programming languages that are really easy to learn about. In many programming schools, Javascript is also known as one of the subjects that must be taken by students.

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Javascript is also mostly chosen because it is dynamic and easy to develop. Even compared to many other products, this language is often placed on the first rank. The term dynamic here is related to the flexibility of many app developments. Besides, this programming language is also very easy to apply. Adding features is easier to do mainly when it is related to the functions of the apps.

A Sort of Multi-Platform

Even if it is a very sophisticated programming language, it means nothing if you can only use it in one particular operating system. Sure, there are so many operating systems used by users nowadays whether they are in the PC or Smartphone. Javascript enables apps to be more multi-platform. It means that the apps can be used whether on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and more.

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