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Mail at go to Microsoft Outlook and Bing

Mail At Abc@Microsoft.Comgo To Www.Bing.Com

Mail at go to, like Google and Yahoo!, Microsoft has features for electronic mail services and search engines. This feature, in Microsoft, is called Microsoft Outlook for electronic mail services and Bing for search engine services. Although it has the same function, to send an email and as a search engine, Microsoft Outlook and Bing are unique compared to their competitors.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Mail at go to, Microsoft Outlook or is a service that is owned and developed by Microsoft. This service is a web-based suite that has a variety of functions, in addition to e-mail, i.e. managing and synchronizing contacts, tasks, and calendars for important dates. Microsoft Outlook can be regarded as the first webmail service in the world. Microsoft Outlook was discovered in 1996, under the name Hotmail when it was first discovered and developed. Then in 1997, Microsoft bought the full license and launched it under the name MSN Hotmail. MSN Hotmail, along with its journey and development, was rebranded by Microsoft to become Windows Live Hotmail, as part of Windows Live at that time. In 2012, Hotmail was replaced by a product called Outlook and is still running today.

Microsoft Outlook, or, or Outlook, was first introduced to the public on July 31, 2012, with the beta version. With this beta version, previous Hotmail users can try for free to upgrade to the preview version of Outlook and can downgrade back to Hotmail. The graduated preview version was launched on 18 February 2013 and continued until 3 April 2013. During this period, Hotmail users were given the choice to get their Outlook account with the email domain

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In 2015, Microsoft made a few changes to Outlook. This change is based on a new infrastructure system developed by Microsoft called Office 365. With this change, Outlook users will no longer be able to use the 2012 version of Windows Live Mail to synchronize their emails, contacts, and calendars. Users are advised to access Outlook via a web browser, via an application, or the Microsoft Outlook client. In August 2017, Microsoft released a new design for Outlook. In this new design, Microsoft focuses on its email features, especially inbox response that is faster, design and display that is more responsive and can use and search for emoji.

What is Microsoft Outlook features?

Mail at go to, like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, Outlook also uses Ajax programming techniques. This makes Outlook friendly to use in all types of browsers, such as Internet Explorer (Microsoft Edge), Firefox, Chrome Google, and even Safari. On the other hand, Outlook has features that are its mainstay, including:

  1. is more promising to respect user privacy when using it. This feature was created to outperform Gmail. With this feature, Outlook will not scan emails or attachments in emails for advertising purposes.
  2. Outlook has an Active View feature that allows you to interact directly with the content and functionality of e-mail.
  3. With Calendar in Outlook, you can freely view, drag-and-drop events, view dates daily, monthly or annually, and add to-do-lists.
  4. The People feature has a function, other than as a contact book, it can also integrate these contacts with various social media that are used, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Outlook can be integrated with Microsoft’s various Office features on the web. In addition to integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook can also be integrated with Skype.
  6. Ease of user interface, such as the Sweep feature (swiping your finger on the screen [for the mobile version] to delete messages), quick views and one-click filters as well as keyboard shots.
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What is Bing and what are its features?

Mail at go to, Bing is a web-based search engine owned and developed by Microsoft. Previously, Bing was a product of the development and rebranding of previous Microsoft products, namely MSN Search, Windows Live Search, and Live Search. Not only for searching the web, but Bing can also search videos, images, even maps or locations. So far, Bing has supported 40 languages in its operation and search results. Some of Bing’s features include background images that can change automatically every day and can access MSN, Office Online, and Outlook directly from the homepage. Also, the image search feature that uses scrolling and can choose the size, layout, and color according to the user, there is a video thumbnail preview. There are also instant answer features on a variety of topics or fields, such as sports, finance, conversion units, mathematical and computations, dictionaries, health, etc.

Mail at go to, with Outlook and Bing, you have more options for personalizing the need to explore in cyberspace.

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