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So have you felt confused for notification to mail at abc@microsoft.comseattle and you do not know what is going on, or what you should do? Do not panic, I hope you come across this article and then be helped by it. when you receive that notification, it means that you have made a mistake when you are sending an email or when you are trying to get an access to a certain website. This may happen because you open Bing and tried for searching for information about Seattle but you are making mistake by accessing the wrong URL. You do not have to worry, this reading will try to help you to find the information you want to find information associated with the note. 

What you need to know about Seattle

Seattle is one of the cities in the United States that grow very fast. Having a cool climate with relatively dry in the summer, Seattle is home for about 750.000 people. This city is located near the Pacific Northwest with mountains, forests, and water surrounding it. Seattle is also a place for big tech industry the great Microsoft and also Amazon. 

Considering Seattle as the next place for your vacation? There is some information you need to know before you go there. Well, the thing is no matter where you go on this planet earth you must keep your alert. In Seattle especially you must be aware of what’s around you and if someone is aggressively approaching you you must call police immediately. When the night comes, tourists like you should keep yourself away from non-tourist areas. The places such as Belltown, King County Courthouse, Rainier Valley and Pioneer Square are better to avoid at night.

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To help you with budgeting here is some information for you. You can adjust your budget with the accommodation available here in the city. If you are the backpacker type, there are many hostels where you can pay about 50/60 dollars and get breakfast also WiFi. If you have more budget, you surely can go find 5 stars hotel like FourSeasons or Grand Hyatt and pay around 800 dollars for one night. There are always options depending on how much you have in your account or how you want it.

Some popular tourist destinations in Seattle

Once you plan to go there to spend your holiday, you must know where to go in the city. The first and perhaps the most famous place in Seattle is the Space Needle. This is considered to be the icon of Seattle. Space Needle is an observation tower that was built in the year of 1962. It is 518 feet tall and the best spot to see the sunset. Love museums? You will not get disappointed here. The museum of pop culture allows you to enjoy modern and contemporary art culture. If you are a big fan of Bob Dylan, this museum may be familiar for you, since you can find items from the pop star and many other artists. The next museum you can visit is the Seattle art museum. There are three facilities provided by the Seattle art Museum: the main museum, the Seattle Asian Art Museum and the Olympic Sculpture Park where you can enter for free! There is also the Museum of Flight where you can see many types of airplanes and this museum is situated at the southern end of King County International Airport.

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1 Microsoft Way

While you are get notified to mail at abc@microsoft.comseattle, you may be interested in Microsoft a little bit more. As mentioned before that Seattle is home for Microsoft, here you can even get to know better about this giant company. This may not be as popular as other tourist destinations in Seattle, but if you are interested in Windows this may be your favorite. In the visitor center, you can do many things such as playing games and try artificial intelligence or AI and you can buy their latest Microsoft hardware. This spot also provided a theater. The theater is used for product demonstrations and visual presentations. 

Now after you are done reading this article, there is no need if you make mistakes and get notified to mail at abc@microsoft.comseattle. This thing can happen when you trying to find specific information about Seattle.

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