microsoft.com1 Microsoft Way Redmond

Welcoming The New Breakthrough Magnificent Office Of Microsoft.Com1 Microsoft Way Redmond

Microsoft.com1 Microsoft way Redmond

Microsoft.com1 Microsoft way Redmond

If you don’t know yet, 1 Microsoft way Redmond is the name for the address of the headquarters of Microsoft that takes place in Redmond, Seattle. A world-renowned company that is currently included in the ranks of companies with the most expensive share value. Besides being referred to like Microsoft.com1 Microsoft way Redmond, this place is usually also referred to as the Microsoft Campus. In this article, we will talk about a breakthrough from the Microsoft campus, with various changes and additions to buildings and facilities that are guaranteed to make this area even more luxurious!

Plans for improving Microsoft.com1 Microsoft way Redmond

Later, the headquarters of Microsoft’s technology company covering an area of 202 hectares in Redmond, Washington, will have a different face from before. Microsoft is preparing a plan to overhaul its headquarters in a major project for years to come.

The project began in the fall of 2017, to build 18 new buildings, including public areas, sports fields, and large spaces for pedestrians. This large project is expected to be completed within 5-7 years. This development is strived to create a more comfortable workspace with a more open and less formal feel.

Microsoft has a view that humans are closely related to the comfort of the place and technology. All three are extraordinary symbiosis if they can collaborate maximally. Microsoft thinks that perfecting the Microsoft.com1 Microsoft way Redmond building will make the work more productive, effective and efficient. People who are the main resources need a comfortable place or work environment wherever they are. And technology, making there is no longer any distance or difference in work locations. Technological sophistication, both computerized, telecommunications, and the internet, makes human resources can be connected anytime and anywhere. That also encourages Microsoft to no longer force employees to come to the office.

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In the video that shows the planned reshuffle in Microsoft.com1 Microsoft way Redmond area, Microsoft will create a small town with an open plaza covering 4 hectares and can load up to 12 thousand workers. They will destroy 12 old buildings and create 18 new buildings.

Well, this office is also designed to be connected to the modes of public transportation of trains and buses. This is related to the Redmond Technology Transport Station project, which later on its path, Link Light Rail, is expected to be completed in 2023

In comparison, Microsoft.com1 Microsoft way Redmond currently has 125 buildings on its campus, and will later grow to 131 buildings once the project is completed. After being updated, the Microsoft campus will be able to accommodate up to 47 thousand employees currently working at the company’s headquarters, and it is possible to add another 8,000 people later.

Microsoft plans to create underground parking facilities and design the entire campus for pedestrians and bicycles. Later there will also be a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the other side of the campus.

The facilities provided by Microsoft for its employees are already very complete. For example, just like a very fast internet connection network, the existence of an independent pantry that frees everyone to cook and enjoy food, but on condition that it does not have a pungent smell. At the Microsoft office, there is also a mini-market and a gym.

Microsoft said that the company would spend around 150 billion US dollars on transportation infrastructure, public open space, sports fields, and green areas. Microsoft’s plan came shortly after Apple opened Apple Park’s new campus in early 2017. Microsoft’s big plans for the office in Redmond also emerged when its rival in Seattle, Amazon, was looking for new land for its second office.

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Previously, Microsoft was also known to have Microsoft.com1 Microsoft way Redmond experimented with a new workspace design for its employees. The new workspace is a treehouse connected by a Wi-Fi connection to allow Redmond employees to work while integrating with nature. This breakthrough created by Microsoft aims to maximize its resources. According to Microsoft, the current office is not just a place to work, but like home for employees and visitors. A company’s office should not be seen improperly, and make the work atmosphere and office environment gloomy because it will greatly affect the company’s reputation later.

Therefore the addition of buildings, facilities in Microsoft.com1 Microsoft way Redmond is Microsoft’s way to bring a sense of comfort and higher morale to anyone who is there

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