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Data Collected by Microsoft

People might be amazed by things which can be done by using the support from Microsoft products. There is no doubt that Microsoft can offer people with technical support which can bring them to the next level of modern life. It might be pretty surprising for some people when they find that Microsoft products can understand their needs. It seems that Microsoft products can offer personalized supports for the users that come from all around the world. How can Microsoft understand its users properly? The answer is pretty simple after all. People use Microsoft products which became the fruits of hard work and innovation which are based on the data collected by Microsoft. Yes, it is true that Microsoft collects data from its users. Here are several types of data collected by Microsoft according to microsoft.comhttps //

Online Searches and Web Browsing

Online users spread widely all around the world. People use search engine a lot to help them find the information they need on the internet. Meanwhile, their searching information will be recorded by the search engine and used for various purposes including for suggesting the information which might be relatable for the users. The search function can also be found when people use Microsoft products the online searches as well as web browsing history will be collected by Microsoft. This way, the company wi be able to offer the users with a better result based on their search history and the history aggregated from other users searches. The web browser by Microsoft will be able to make a prediction about where they want to go using the browsing history which was collected. The recommendation can also be made by Cortana. The users actually can make a choice about the way the browsing history will be collected. More information about this can be checked on microsoft.comhttps //

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The next data which will be collected by Microsoft is the location they go to. Microsoft uses technology for this purpose including IP addresses and GPS location. This information can be useful for users because it allows Microsoft to protect them. In this circumstance, Microsoft can warn them when the product is used from a strange location. It will be helpful especially when people want to make sure that their privacy and personal information is not abused by an unwanted party. Some people might think that this can be scary especially since their location information collected by other parties. Nevertheless, they have the option to turn on or off their location with a little bit setting adjustment. For further information, people can visit microsoft.comhttps //

Data for Personal Assistance Purpose

People surely can learn more about the privacy policy offered by Microsoft particularly when they pay great attention to data collecting activity performed by this company. The right source to learn more about this must be microsoft.comhttps // where they will find any detailed information needed. People surely will know that Microsoft provides several types of data information which can be used by third parties. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the company does not offer proper attention to the users of the product. There will be data collected for helping the users personally. For example, the company will collect the data which can help them avoid traffic jam. It is pretty simple but it can really be useful for people who commute for work. People might be surprised with personal assistance which can be provided by Microsoft which is based on the data collected. The assistance can be brought much further because the help can be accessed through speech especially when they do not want to type. It seems that using technology can be a much more convenient time after time.

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Health and Fitness

Microsoft Health also collects data from users. Since health becomes very important concern especially for modern people who have a hectic life, people might expect more from this Microsoft product. The information about fitness and health is collected as well by Microsoft and it will be used for helping users to have a better life. The data which might be collected including the heart rate and the steps taken daily.

Data for Showing More Interesting Ad

According to microsoft.comhttps //, Microsoft will also collect data which can help the company to show the users advertising content which is more interesting for them. There is no need to worry because the data collected is not the personal information type. Users can always control the advertising when using Microsoft product online.

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