Microsoft Refund Department

Microsoft refund department call, it is a scam or not? How to block the scam number?

Microsoft Refund Department

Microsoft refund department is a department to refund the Microsoft product or service you buy. If you can buy a product then you will apply for a return, you can contact the Microsoft refund department. There are steps to manage the return even exchanges a product of Microsoft.

Return and change the product or services of Microsoft 

How to return it, firstly you can sign in the order history and choose the request a return. If you can not see a request a return, it means the product or service might be eligible. Do not forget to read the refund policy of Microsoft. The second step is you may follow the step shown on the screen. Now, you can return your items or products.   

If you make a refund of the product and you are on the requirement, the Microsoft will less the charges of shipping. Generally, refund products, services or items will be processed in three till five business day after Microsoft gets back the product or services you buy.

Sometimes, there is a scam that does by scammer about the Microsoft refund department. You should know if you get a phone from 1-863-440-7836 is it scam or not?

Microsoft refund department calls. It is a scam? 

More calling is accumulated by using the robotic voice in 1-863-440-7836. This report is shown that scammers want to the user of Microsoft should call the Microsoft refund department to get back the money. When you call back, a staff as tech support will be asked to fill the form with the banking information of users. Perhaps, this case relates to a scam that wants to steal your money or information. Please, you have to be careful with this case. Be sure to check the official website and get the contact information of the official Microsoft. 

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Many users report this number 1-863-440-7836. When you call them, they are a little rude and so annoying. Scammers want to victims or user of Microsoft visit the website. If you get this number, do not pick up and block it because it is a scam.

If you get the phone of 888- 497-1141 with massage and the scammer will explain you Microsoft refund department, the scammer will tell to refund the money and you have to pay it. It is a message of the scammer when they call you. Almost the message you get from the scammer is the same because it is used as a robotic voice. The aim of scammers is your money so that they need financial information or banking information. Sometimes, you have to a form on the website. The official Microsoft never contacts you by using cold-calls or popups. So be careful and you can know it is a scam or not by knowing this information:

Number: 1-863-440-7836

Case: scam call 

Level of risk: high 

Activity: the scammer will pretend as Microsoft refund department to ask the users for visiting the website and fill out the form of financial information. A scammer will ask you to give much money.

How to avoid this scam by blocking scam number:

you have to block scam calls exactly, based on the data there are many victims and more scams had started to pop-up. The type of scam is a tech support links with website. The scammer will pretend to be apple support or official support or any big company. How you can block the scam call. If you have a smartphone, you can easy to block them. If you use the conventional way, you should make a list for scam number. It is a hard job. 

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You can optimize use the application that recommended.  You need to download application or software in Playstore, Hiya application. After you download, you install and run the application. Make sure to read carefully about the terms and accept it. Last, enter your phone number and tap. You will get a code and type. You can log in by facebook or Google. Application is on your phone, you can use this to call scam number automatically. This application will help you to block a number if it is a scam or not and can block the robotized calls automatically. You can set the setting to block each number. 

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