Ming’s Chinese Restaurant Near Me: The United States Edition

Ming’s Chinese Restaurant Near Me: The United States Edition

If you got a hankering for Chinese foods, your mind is probably filled with questions like “where can I find Ming’s Chinese restaurants near me?” and “Is Ming’s a good place to eat some Chinese foods?”. For folks with those two questions in mind, let us help you by giving you the answers to those questions.

A lot of Americans love Chinese foods, and it is no question why Chinese foods have been popular in that country for a while. Many chains of Chinese restaurants have popped up, serving you a variety of Chinese foods that will definitely quench your thirst for Chinese foods. Today, however, we are not going to tell you about those chains, no. Those chains of restaurants, although they can sometimes provide good Chinese food, are hardly authentic. They will often serve Americanized Chinese food, more akin to a fusion restaurant instead of an authentic one.

We are not going to judge those who prefer to go to those kinds of chain restaurants. All people are free to be the driver of their own lives, free to make their own choices. If your tongue prefers to have those kinds of food, we are not going to blame you, no. What we are going to do today, however, is to tell you about one of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in the United States, a place where you can get true Chinese foods.

In today’s article, we are going in depth about Ming’s and what kind of food they are serving there. We will also tell you where you can get your daily dose of Chinese food from Ming’s if you are curious to eat there. Without further ado, let us begin talking about the general information surrounding the restaurant:

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The brief information on Ming’s restaurant

We do not know if the restaurant got its name from one of the dynasties in China or a bloke by the name of Ming decided to name his restaurant with his own name, but you can definitely be sure that they serve a variety of Chinese food to hungry visitors.

Much like every other Chinese restaurant all over the world, this restaurant has been around for a while, providing the best authentic Chinese food to people who are looking to get themselves a daily chow of Chinese foods.

This restaurant is family-run, meaning you would be hard-pressed to find other restaurants that serve the food that the restaurant serves. Even if the food items are the same, they will probably be different in terms of taste.

What are the menu items?

So let us get to the menu section, which is probably the tastiest section in this article. The restaurant serves a lot of food items here, all authentic Chinese food that will definitely give you a brief glimpse of what kind of foods those folks at China eat.

They got a variety of food from a variety of food classes, ranging from appetizer food items such as egg rolls (the authentic one, too, not the Americanized one), shrimp rolls, spring rolls (entirely made out of vegetables!), fried wonton, cold noodles with sesame sauce, and fried or boiled dumplings. They also serve appetizers that are somewhat out of characters such as French fries, buffalo wings, and fried biscuits. The Chinese appetizers taste pretty good, but there are better places to find buffalo wings and fried biscuits. No French fries taste bad, however, so if you want to order that, you are free to do so.

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After the appetizers, they got other food ‘classes’ that can tickle your fancy. Food items belonging in the rice category are abundant, and you can also get lo mein there. Foods made out of seafood, pork, beef, and egg foo young are all available to order if you ever found yourself eating there.

Not only that, they also serve you luncheon special, a combo meal consisting of the food of your choice served on top of either fried rice, white rice, or pork fried rice. For each menu, you are liable to pick one of these items: wonton, egg drop, egg roll, or soda. They also got a purchase milestone-based side dish bonus if you ever made a purchase above US$25.00. Some of the food items that you can get for your luncheon special are kung pao chicken, mixed vegetables, beef with Chinese vegetables, chicken or beef with garlic sauce, sesame chicken, and much, much more. They will keep selling the luncheon special until 3:30 PM in the afternoon, in which they will stop selling it for that day.

If you are interested, you can give New York a visit

Ming’s Chinese restaurant is located at 215 Wickham Avenue, Middletown, NY 10940. This is the ONLY place where you can get the food items listed above, and seeing that Ming’s is not a restaurant chain, you CANNOT find Ming’s Chinese restaurant in other places.

There are other restaurants named after Ming’s, but they are probably a different kind of restaurant than the one we are talking about today. They might have a different menu and different quality, so be warned when you spot other restaurants by the name of Ming’s in other places aside from the one we listed below.

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What else can you tell us about the restaurant?

First things first, the restaurant opens every day except on Monday. They will open their doors starting from 11:00 AM in the morning until 10:00 PM in the night, and they will keep opening their doors by those hours except on Sunday, where they will close the doors at 9:30.

They do deliveries, though they will only deliver food to places within their service area (they would not deliver food to New Vegas, that is for sure). The place is good for children because they serve no alcohol whatsoever in the place. They lack modern entertainment such as Wi-Fi and television, but it might be a good thing because it can encourage direct communication between the visitors.

Not a good place to visit if you are in a wheelchair because it is not accessible by wheelchairs.

In conclusion

Ming’s is a good place to get your daily dose of Chinese food if you live near the town. While they do deliveries, they have a limited service area because they are not a chain restaurant. If you live outside of New York, you sadly need to go there if you want to give the restaurant a try. Hope this answers your question on where you can “find Ming’s Chinese restaurant near me”, folks!

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