Restaurants Near Me1 Microsoft Way Redmond

Tasty And Comfortable, This Is The Best Restaurant Near Me1 Microsoft Way Redmond

Restaurants Near Me1 Microsoft Way Redmond

What’s in your mind when visiting a giant company like Microsoft that produces a variety of high-tech? Well, when you are there you might be presented with a view of a unique building or prototype of a new product that will be launched in the future. Also, it might also cross your mind to meet the real founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates and his employees and colleagues.

But that’s not all when visiting 1 Microsoft Way Redmond is incomplete if it does not taste a variety of the best menus and delicious culinary at restaurants near me1 Microsoft way Redmond. Here is the best list.

Microsoft Cafe 121 With Extraordinary Facilities

Restaurant near me1 Microsoft way Redmond This is a very great restaurant and offers a variety of high-quality facilities. You will be offered a variety of high-class facilities and services provided by the staff. If you are a fan of Starbucks coffee, you can find it in this restaurant. There are various variants such as Starbucks coffee that you need, it is recommended to taste and order it in advance. This restaurant has healthy food quality and is very good for your body. You might never have found it somewhere else and eaten it for the first time in your life.

A variety of foods that are good for consumption such as salads, juices, pizza, and many more will be enjoyed in this place. For drinks that are available there, it has a very unique taste but is very fresh and feels very good on your tongue. Of course, the pleasure provided will make you addicted and want to drink more than usual. This very cool cafe is designed with a minimalist theme with a very very great staff and friendly to visitors who come. You can visit this restaurant near the Visitor Center and the best seller drink is delicious hot chocolate.

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Acacia Teriyaki With Thick Asian flavors

If you think that Bai Thong is the only Asian restaurant near Microsoft’s office then you are wrong. There is Acacia Teriyaki which is a restaurant with a variety of Japanese food menus. This restaurant in terms of appearance is quite simple without too many ornaments that decorate it and almost the same as other restaurants that you can find in this place. But it is already very clear that this place is the right choice and perfect for enjoying Japanese cuisine that has extraordinary taste. Not only Teriyaki is the mainstay menu, but there are a variety of other menu choices that you can try such as a variety of fish-based foods. Never miss the best restaurants near me1 Microsoft way Redmond.

Boardwalk With Unique Menu Variants

It’s not hard to find this restaurant because it’s located on Northeast 40th Street. The boardwalk is one of the best and greatest restaurants in the Microsoft way Redmond area. You can choose and order various Italian menus at this restaurant. The average food menu has good taste. The hamburger menu available at this restaurant is the best and most ordered option because it is so innovative and unique that you will love it. For the drinks menu that is available, it can be said as a strange but very delicious drink. You should try the burger menu called The Caesar which is better. Sometimes some people who have visited it call this place as one of the best restaurants near me1 Microsoft way Redmond. Even though some menu choices have quite expensive prices, overall you can pick up some interesting offers at this restaurant at an affordable cost.

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Volterra with an amazing lobster dish

This restaurant is perfect for those of you who want to have a romantic dinner with your spouse or with your loved ones. This restaurant is one of the recommended places for culinary lovers who love to enjoy flavorful and rich foods. You can enjoy crab ravioli with a mix of fresh tomato sauce. The main course at restaurants near me1 Microsoft Way Redmond is a lobster risotto that will make you satisfied in enjoying seafood dishes. It tastes very tasty and delicious and is served in the right and inexpensive portions for everyone who will try it

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