Top 5 Salvadoran Foods near Me Delivery to Pick Out

Top 5 Salvadoran Foods near Me Delivery to Pick Out

What is the best Salvadorian food near me delivery? When you are living in the US, it seems not difficult for you to enjoy all the foods and cuisines from all around the world. Many of the restaurants now even provide the delivery services. So, all you need to do is just calling or massaging them, next, in minutes, the agents can just knock your door, sure, to deliver the foods.

Talking about the favorite delivery foods, the Salvadoran must be one of them. The Salvadoran restaurants may not only provide the menu from Salvador but also from other Latin areas like the Mexican, Brazilian, Venezuelan, and Costa Rican foods.

So, from so many restaurants out there, which are the best Salvadoran restaurants with delivery services? Here is the list.

The Originals SalvaTex Cuisine

One of the recommended Salvadoran restaurants with delivery services is located in Austin, Texas. It is known as the Originals SalvaTex Cuisine. Sure, you can directly go to the restaurant to order the menu. However, it is possible also to order them via GrabHub, UberEats, phone, and more. Interestingly, it is possible also to pre-order the next meal.

The favorite menus from this restaurant are as follow; Yucca roots with Chicharrones, French Bread with Chicken, Salvadorean Enchiladas French Fries, Beef Kabobs, Pupusas de Chicharron con Queso, Chicken Tamales, and still many more. The prices are friendly and the tastes are really delicious.

The restaurant of the Originals SalvaTex Cuisine is at 1196 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78702. The phone number is +1 737 708 3119. For online orders in this Salvadorian food near me delivery, they are available in,, and

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Salvatoria Kitchen & Bar

For you who live in the area of New York and so much interested in the Salvadoran foods, Salvatoria Kitchen & Bar is available for you. The foods offered are tasty; this is something that should not be questioned anymore. More than that, the services are ultimate as well as it has cooperated with some online platforms.

So, what are the menus offered by this restaurant? There are Pupusa Yum, a tortilla filled by the cheese, bean, meat, chorizo, and more; We Heart You, a skirt steak with salad; nachos Salvadorenos, nachos along with the melted yellow cheese and guacamole; Flavor Margarita, a beverage with passion fruit, mango, strawberry, tamarind, and guava; and there are still many others to enjoy.

Salvatoria Kitchen & Bar is at 31-18 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106, USA. For ordering, call this Salvadorian food near me delivery at +1 718 777 2829. Some platforms for ordering are,, and

Gloria’s Cafe

This cafe provides not only the Salvadoran foods and beverages. This is a good choice for you who look for the Mexican and Latin American food specialties. The restaurant itself is very comfortable. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the ultimate services including the delivery.

The foods available here are various and they are divided into 12 categories. One of them is, of course, the Salvadoran foods. Meanwhile, there are also Mexican foods, House Special Burrito, Fajitas, Salads, Homemade Foods, Desserts, and more.

Meanwhile, the featured cuisines with the most orders here are Nachos, Tostada, Quesadilla, Taquitos. Particularly the Salvadoran foods, they are Plato Tipico, Pupusa Plate, Yucca con chicharron, Platanos Fritos, Salvadoran Tamales, and still many others.

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To enjoy the foods, just go to 10227 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034. Make a call also at +1 310 838 0963. You can also make a reservation via and orders via,, and Find more information about this Salvadorian food near me delivery at

La Numero Uno

This is another specialty for Latin foods, not only them from Salvador but also some other areas around like Mexico. The restaurant brings out the simple look and idea but it is very necessary for meeting and gathering with clients, family, and relatives. Sure, the services provided are ultimate as you can also order the foods via phone and other online platforms.

Undeniably, the most favorite menus from this restaurant are the Salvadoran foods. What are they? They are Pastelitos de Carne, Taco Plate, Chicken Fajitas, Carne Asada, Tacos, Burritos, Queso con Frijol Pupusa, Queso con Chicharron Pupusa, Revueltas Pupusa, and Enchiladas. For the beverages, there are Horchata, Ensalada, Jamaica, Tamarindo, Atole de Elote, Champurrado, and more.

The address of La Numero Uno is at 1247 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90038 and it opens every day at 9.30 am. There are some ways of food orders in this Salvadorian food near me delivery. It is by phone at +1 323 957 111 and platforms like and

La Cabana Salvadorena

If the two restaurants mentioned above provide not only the Salvadoran foods but also with Mexican and any other Latin cuisines. La Cabana Salvadorena is a little bit different. Well, just by seeing the name, you can simply conclude that all of the menu here is originally from Salvadoran recipes.

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This restaurant has various authentic Salvadoran foods like Cheviche de Camarones, Pescado Frito, Salmon Asado, Rueda de Pescado, and more as the main menu. Besides, there are also the desserts like Atol de Elote, Quesadilla, and Chilate con Nuegados; juices including Horchata, Chan, Tamarindo, Parcha, and Maranon, and shakes made from papaya, banana, and mamey. Some typical salvadoran snacks like Pupusas and Yuccas are also available here.

To visit and enjoy the foods from La Cabana Salvadorena, you need to go to 4384 Broadway, New York, NY 10040 and it opens at 10.30. For the Salvadorian foods near me delivery, it is available via phone at +1 212 928 7872 and an online platform;

Aside from the 5 restaurants mentioned above, there are surely still many other choices. So, it is not bad to try them one by one. Undeniably, Salvadoran foods have very unique tastes but they are really delicious and enjoyable for anyone from any area or country. If you want to taste them, just go and use the service of the Salvadorian foods near me delivery anyway.


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