Seattle 1 Microsoft Way Redmond

5 Unique Things in the Seattle 1 Microsoft Way Redmond Building Complex

Seattle 1 Microsoft Way Redmond, are you familiar with it? Talking about the main offices of Microsoft, it is impossible not to mention Redmond Campus. Yes, the term of Redmond Campus is basically to refer the building complex of Microsoft offices that is indeed located in the area of Redmond, Washington DC. In the complex, there are hundreds or even thousand formulas of new programs are designed and developed. Many of them are successful and many others are failed.

Common people may think that the atmosphere and environment in Microsoft are strict and boring. There is a general assumption in which Microsoft employees are only working in front of the computer screens every day. Well, those perceptions are not true since there are many interesting things you can experience while working in this company. Some of them are mentioned below.

Pizza Lovers

Do you know that almost or even all employees in Microsoft love pizza? It sounds unhealthy indeed if they eat this Italian food often. But this is the fact. It is proven by numerous restaurants and cafes in the company established by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Most of them provide pizza menus and those menus are considered the most favorite ones.

Approximately, it is even around 554 thousands of pizza slices that are consumed by Microsoft employees every year. Despite pizza, the sandwich becomes another favorite menu in the company. For beverage, most of them love tea. Well, they are really delicious indeed.

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Rabbits are all around

It is probably quite weird how rabbits can be hanging around in a company as big as Microsoft. But it is reasonable by seeing the fact that there are many gardens and green spots there. Although Microsoft is focused on the creation and development of technology, they still love nature also.

The cause of those rabbits enters Microsoft environment has not known yet. But based on statements of some officials and workers, there is a big possibility that the rabbits come from a small hill in the Microsoft area. Some years ago, Microsoft staff castrated the animals regularly. But later, the rabbits can jump and run more freely as long as they don’t disturb the activities inside.

Candy Treats

There is a habit done in the realm of Microsoft staff and employees. Softies, or people who work under the flag of Microsoft, must share candies to celebrate their anniversary working in the company. However, not all candies are considered worthy enough to enjoy together. The employees seem to love M&Ms candies more than other brands.

Of course, there is a rule regarding the amount of candies to share. It is only around 0.5 kg multiplied with the total number of working in Microsoft. The celebration has a philosophy inside in which the employers must not forget others even if their careers are developed.

Art Lovers

Microsoft staff and employees are not only lovers of pizza. They are also art enthusiasts. Yes, it is quite a unique thing by remembering that they are working in the area of technology. In Microsoft buildings, there are more than 5,000 artworks starting from classic paintings, statues, and ceramics to multimedia contemporary arts. The collections even come from big names like Chuck Close and Takashi Murakami.

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The artworks presentation has some purposes for sure. It is believed that if those aesthetics products are placed in the office, they will help the employees to reduce stress. Artworks tend to make people feel more excited to work also.

Cybercrime Center

Having many precious devices and collections inside, the company makes sure that the conditions must be safe and stable. That’s why; Microsoft provides a special facility for criminal treatments. It is namely Cybercrime Center that is collaborated with law enforcers in some areas around.

If you are entering this center, visually, it looks like modern and sophisticated laboratories in futuristic movies. The big screens are around and it is full of glass walls. For tourists who visit Microsoft Company, they may only see the “surface” area of this center. But if you are the employee, sure, you can have access to enter it more deeply, with much greater stuff inside. Those are some unique things to see inside the offices of Seattle 1 Microsoft Way Redmond.

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