Snack Foods For Diabetics

Healthy Snack Foods For Diabetics To Enjoy In Between Meal Times

Complaining about the low blood sugar or grumbling stomach? Reach the best snacks in between your meal times and you will no longer feel hungry. How about if I have diabetes? The problem now focuses on finding the healthy snack foods for diabetics, since not all snacks are packed with high protein, fiber and healthy fats. If you are really careful enough on your blood sugar level, it is strongly recommended to keep an eye of your calorie and sugar intake in relation with your blood glucose level and overall wellness.

4 snack foods for diabetics to create balanced blood sugar and physical wellness


  • Hard – boiled eggs


One of snack foods for diabetics is hard-boiled eggs because it contains of 6 gram of protein that will manage your blood sugar spiking quickly. A study conducted with 65 participants with type 2 diabetes reveals that consuming two hard-boiled eggs every day within 12 days gives the significant effect to reduce the blood sugar level and hemoglobin. To enjoy this boiled egg, you can put some tasty toppings such as guacamole.


  • Yogurt with berries


Another best choice of friendly-diabetes snack is yogurt with some berries. As you combine with berries, the antioxidant found in berries will prevent the cells from damage and reduce the possible inflammation. In addition, berries contain of fiber that will slow down the digestive system so that the blood sugar will remain steady. Besides, yogurt known as snack foods for diabetics also has protein and probiotics that lower the level of blood sugar as well.

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  • Handful of almonds


To get healthy snack foods for diabetics, you can choose a handful of almonds. It is because it contains of 15% vitamin and minerals, 32% manganese, 17% riboflavin and 19% magnesium per one ounce. A research involved 58 person reveals that consuming a handful almond in their diet every day within 24 weeks is reported to experience a 3% decrease of blood sugar level. Additionally, consuming almonds also helps to lower the insulin that will not worsen the condition of diabetes.


  • Vegetables and hummus


Hummus is a kind of creamy spread which is made from chickpeas that will produce good taste when it is combined with fresh raw vegetables. As you consume one of these snack foods for diabetics, you will get minerals, fibers and vitamins. Consuming one tablespoon of humus will provide you with 3 grams of protein that manages your blood sugar level. A study shows that consuming an ounce of hummus will reduce the blood glucose level four times faster than those who eat white bread.

There are so many snack foods for diabetics that you can consume in between your meal time to stay away from hunger. To deal with it, make sure that all your foods should contain a good deal of protein, healthy fats and fiber that will stabilize your blood sugar stays stable. Therefore, you are not necessary to be worried enough when choosing the healthy snack even though you have diabetes.

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