Square Root 1231 Microsoft Way Redmond

4 Interesting Place To Visit In Square Root 1231 Microsoft Way Redmond

Square Root 1231 Microsoft Way Redmond 

The name of the Microsoft brand must be familiar to you. The popularity of this company in terms of software and hardware development in the field of the latest technology has long been recognized. But the thing that attract attention was not only the superior products owned by Microsoft, but it also turned out to be about its headquarters, where Microsoft’s daily activities were carried out. For those of you who don’t know it, Microsoft’s office is very open, can be one of the travel destinations, even vacation spots.

The office which is claimed to be very majestic and has many buildings is indeed famous for its unique concept. Starting with the names of buildings that use numbers, then some interesting spots are unique, such as Lake of Bill, Mystery of building number 7, to Microsoft Wall of Fame. 

In this article, we will discuss the uniqueness of Microsoft’s other offices, which are usually referred to as square root 1231 microsoft way Redmond . Many have wondered about square root 1231 microsoft way Redmond. What exactly is that? Square root 1231 microsoft way Redmond  this is a description of the place address. As is well known that Microsoft has a main office in the area of Redmond, precisely in Seattle.

Square Root 1231 Microsoft Way Redmond Campus

Naturally, the Microsoft headquarters complex in square root 1231 microsoft way Redmond, United States, is referred to as the Campus. The layout of the building and atmosphere indeed resembles a large university. The campus, located in Redmond, Washington State, United States, consists of many buildings and several areas interspersed with parks, lawns and even a protected area. As is normal for a campus, some facilities support daily activities. Ranging from soccer fields, canteens to health clinics. Some canteens have restaurants that are imported from outside Microsoft, some are managed in an integrated manner.

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4 interesting places in square root 1231 microsoft way Redmond 

1. The Microsoft Museum

Speaking of museums, on the square root 1231 microsoft way Redmond, there is indeed one area that is designed as a museum. For example, on one side of the room, there is a demonstration of various classic objects and Microsoft products that possibly “change” the object. Old Typewriters, for example, are equipped with placards that list Microsoft Office. A reminder of how humans work has changed a lot. Not far from the demonstration, there was Microsoft’s picture in the early days. The photo shows Microsoft’s initial team developing BASIC programming software in their office in Albuquerque, Texas, in 1975. The next area of the museum displays more of Microsoft’s newest products. The Surface 2 tablet line, laptops and of course Windows Phone-based devices appear there. Then there is also a special area that displays the Xbox One. Some “future” concepts are also displayed there. From wearable devices to large, high-resolution touchscreens with 100 touch points called Perceptive Pixels. 

2. Laboratory of Scientists

Another interesting place in square root 1231 microsoft way Redmond campus, but this one is not open to the public, is the laboratory that Microsoft uses for the development of extraordinary things. It was explained that not everything they do in the lab is shown to visitors who come.

3. Cybercrime Center

Microsoft also has a special facility for handling cybercrime, where Microsoft monitors and analyzes various illegal activities on the internet. With glass walls and large screens. This facility is also used by law enforcement from various regions who work with Microsoft to handle certain cybercrime cases. Researchers at the Microsoft Cybercrime Center also monitor and analyze various crime programs, including malware, botnets, and software piracy. Here Microsoft also monitors the software piracy they have.

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4. Envisioning Center

As the final location on a visit to the square root 1231 microsoft way Redmond campus is a special area called the Envisioning Center. This area is designed for Microsoft client executives, as well as state officials or celebrities who visit Microsoft. At the Envisioning Center, the concept of the future is displayed in a theatrical style. Visitors will be taken to see how someone in the future, for example, conduct work meetings by facing a large screen and “personal assistants” with the help of artificial intelligence.

With the development and facilities that are very sophisticated, the experience of visiting the Square root 1231 microsoft way Redmond is not to be missed.

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