Subscript Indices Must Either Be Real Positive Integers Or Logicals

How do you solve “subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals?”

Firstly, you should know about MATLAB first. MATLAB is the computerized and visualization software along with the fourth-generation of language program that had been published by MathWorks. It does many matrix manipulations, algorithm implementation, function plotting, and other advanced math programs. There is the fellow package called Simulink which been used for the stimulation of graphical multi-domain. However, sometimes there are some issues occurred, one of them is “subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals”. 

Initially, MATLAB was written at the end of the 1970s by the founder named Cleve Moler as the chief of the computer science department in the New Mexico University. He wants to tell their students how to use the matrix and linear algebra computation packages without the need to learn further about FORTRAN. Currently, this program was widely used by engineers and students who learn about linear algebra. Over a million users come from around the world using this program. 

Who uses this program? 

As mentioned before that there are so many engineers and scientists from around the world working in the industry and academia using this MATLAB app. You can use MATLAB for different apps, including machine learning, deeper learning, control system, test and measurement, even computational biology, etc. 

The uses of MATLAB 

For control systems 

This is one of the common uses why they love using MATLAB that it provides control to the system and device. The control system is the responsibility to manage, providing orders and set yo the acts of devices or other systems as well. it relied on the control loops. The systems or devices that you use can be controlled range from the simple home heaters to the bigger controls for bigger industries. There are many programs offer Matlab control system by providing the apps or algorithms to design, analyze and manage the linear control system. 

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You can use the embedded systems

The embedded system is a computerized system including the hardware and software to do specific tasks. There are several examples of embedded systems, such as printers, washing machines, cameras and so on. MATLAB will allow you to generate the codes and running on the hardware. 

It uses in wireless communications 

The wireless communications is a wide term which has been used to connect two devices by using the wireless signal. Wireless engineering also uses MATLAB to reduce the developing time, narrow down the verification and testing process. 

To process the digital signal 

The process of the digital signal is the use of the process in several things such as digital signal processors and computer processors to do different signal processes. The use of MATLAB will make the user feel easier to use signal processing techniques in order to analyze the data series and give the users with the cohesive workflow in order to develop the embedded system and streaming apps that you often use. 

To process the vision and processing computer 

The picture processing was mainly focused on the raw images and make it always ready for other tasks such as computer vision. So, the computer vision will see the images just like the human’s eye. It needs the algorithm building which is necessary to process the images and computer vision. The use of Matlab will provide a more comprehensive environment to analyze the images and help to build the algorithm. 

IoT (Internet of Things) 

IoT (Internet of Things) is the device network where you always find such as home appliances and vehicles, etc which has been embedded with sensors, electronics, software along with connectivity to allow the data transfer. The help of MATLAB in IoT will optimize the operations. 

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Why do you get “subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals?”

This error usually occurs when you just trying to index to the array by using the index which is not positive integers or you may know as logical values. There are several tips for this common issue: 

  • You need to check whether your index comes in the positive integers or not. You should know that index in MATLAB should not 0, and you can start with 1. 
  • So, if you are already used logical indexing to index comes to the array, ensure that the array is the logical type. 

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