Thai Places Near Me that Deliver

Thai Places Near Me that Deliver

2 Great Thai Places Near Me that Deliver Unique Thai Cuisines

If you are in Semarang now and looking for something exotic to tickle your palate, I suggest that you take your time to enjoy Thai cuisines that this city can offer. And here I will show you two great Thai places near me that deliver unique Thai cuisines. But why Thai, you may ask. There is certainly a huge selection of exotic Javanese and Indonesian foods available in this city, some of which, such as Lumpia (spring roll), Mie Kopyok (curried noodles), and Nasi Pindang (seasoned rice with beef), are unique Semarangese cuisines that you can rarely find outside this city. So, why should you try Thai foods? There are some reasons why Thai foods are irresistible.

  1. While still unique, Thai foods are not much different from local cuisines.

Thai foods are undoubtedly unique, especially if compared with local and western cuisines; however, they still offer friendly and familiar taste to locals, especially because most of the ingredients, spices and seasonings used are similar to those used by the locals. They still live in the same tropical countries anyway. For locals, trying Thai cuisines is a great way to colorize their palate with another exotic cookery. For foreigners, trying Thai cuisines is a great way to enrich their experience of Asian cuisines.

  1. There are always vegetables.

If you are concerned with health, Thai cuisines are great to try because there are vegetables in almost every Thai recipe. There are fresh carrots and peas in Thai fried rice, bean sprouts and green onions in Thai friend noodles (Pad Thai), and green onions and tomatoes in Tom Yum. Thai cuisines are either stir fried or steamed, ensuring that their nutritional content remains intact. If you are looking for fiber to flush toxins out of your body, you can find one on most Thai cuisines.

  1. There is a large variety.

The point above seems to imply that Thai cuisines lack variety: whatever you choose, you eat vegetables. The fact is that Thai cuisines are among the most colorful cuisines on earth. Even Thai salad has many varieties depending on the primary flavor that you want to taste from the dish. Speaking about flavor, Thai cuisines offer an excellent blend of sweet, salty, sour, and bitter flavors, all of which create a sensation that will certainly tickle your palate.

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Now you know why you should visit any Thai places near me that deliver unique Thai cuisines. If you are looking for ones in Semarang, here are two great places that I can recommend to you.

Horapa Seafood and Thai Kitchen

Horapa is the Thai word for basil, which is known for its fragrant aroma and unique taste, especially when paired with something spicy. Horapa Seafood and Thai Kitchen was originally located at the heart of the city at Simpang Lima intersection, inside one of the city’s biggest malls, the Ciputra Mall. Now, this Thai restaurant has moved to Gajah Mungkur area, about 3.5 kilometers southwest of its original location. At Horapa, you can enjoy a large variety of seafoods and Thai cuisines, including spicy Tom Yum soup, Thai salads, and other Thai appetizers and desserts.

There are three things that are worthy of notice about this place: the design of the restaurant’s interior, its location and its menu. In terms of interior design, Horapa Seafood and Thai Kitchen is perhaps among the most beautiful Thai places near me that deliver a real Thailand atmosphere. Gilded décor dominates the room and the images of elephants on the wall gives up a strong impression of Thai culture and arts. The subtle lighting of the interior creates a calm atmosphere that evokes pleasant feeling while enjoying the restaurant’s delicious foods.

The new location of this restaurant is more spacious and more strategically located. The Gajah Mungkur highland where this restaurant is located offers great view of the city. Guests can thus enjoy nice sight both inside and outside the restaurant.

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As said above, the restaurant serves not only Thai foods, but also seafoods. With bigger selection of foods in the menu, you will have better choices of food that suits your palate. The elite standing of this restaurant is reflected not only on its interior design, but also the way the foods are presented and also the price. This is why some customers complain about the restaurant’s relatively high price.


Phuket is one of the most popular Thai places near me that deliver a large selection of Thai cuisines with relatively affordable prices. The restaurant is located in Kaliwiru, Semarang, a location that is quite accessible regardless of where you are located now within the city. What it special about this restaurant is that its menu lists a large selection of Thai foods with local names. This allows people who never try Thai foods before to understand what exactly the main ingredients of the foods they are eating.

In terms of restaurant design, Phuket attempts to look more casual than luxurious. From the outside, the restaurant looks simple and frugal, but the exterior design clearly identifies that it is a Thai restaurant. The interior also looks simple, clean and bright with some accents and decorations depicting Thai arts. The restaurant looks pleasing and feels comfortable for both budget visitors and those more affluent.

This restaurant serves a complete selection of Thai foods. All popular Thai cuisines can be found here. If you want to taste Tom Yum, Thai salads, Phuket curried beef, Thai rice and noodles, Bangkok roasted beef, and fried rice, among others, you can find them here. The restaurant specializes in serving southern Thai meals, so if you are familiar with them, you may want to try them here.

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Besides the menu, which uses both Thai and the more familiar local names, another thing that makes Phuket special is its price. The price of Thai foods and seafoods here ranges from half a dollar to about $3—a price range that is within virtually everyone’s reach, especially if compared with other Thai places near me that deliver similar menu.

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