The Best Cheap Lunch Specials Near Me To Order


The best cheap lunch specials near me to order

What is the best cheap lunch specials near me that you can choose to order the next day? Cheap does not mean you should sacrifice the healthy aspect when you order the meals. If you are the person that has a regular diet or want to stay healthy but does not break your money much, then you can try to order and go to these places below.

Healthiest fast food meal under $5

How often you feel craving and want to taste the delicious fast food drive-thru? Most of you know that it is not healthy enough, especially when you order and eat often. Fast-food often becomes the best option when it considers cheap, although it not cheap at all for the long run.

1.    Taco Bell. Fresco style chicken soft taco menu should on your first list when you visit taco bell. This is not only the easiest fast food to order but also the fairly healthy full fat food. When you order this ‘menu, always choose the “fresco style” for calories reduce.

2.    Church chicken. Order the original chicken leg which cost $1.29 with side small corn or coleslaw price $1.75. This is a reasonable portion that makes all becomes easy for you. The original chicken leg is the worthy food as a healthy meal with only 110 calories. The sides dish coleslaw and small corn will round you to satisfy but still less than 200 calories. Aware of the sauces as it can increase the calories.

3.    KFC. Grilled chicken breast or drumstick with side corn or green beans totally $3.68. If you want to stay healthy when order lunch in Colonel’s then it will be hard. You should bulky your meal with more vegetable options.

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4.    Wendy’s. Grilled chicken wrap without BBQ ranch or Mediterranean chicken salad with light balsamic vinaigrette in half size portion ($4.69) are the options available for you. The grilled chicken wrap comes with 270 calories and comes with 630 mg sodium pack. If you add the BBQ dressing, you will add more 190 calories, so it is best to take it home and dress with a healthy option in your home. The half size balsamic chicken salad is the other option for healthy lunch although it pricier but it comes with 240 calories and less sodium.

5.    Burger King. You can choose the Regular Hamburger without cheese included ($1.00) or 4 pieces chicken nugget cost $1.19. Both of these dishes come with less than 250 calories. Skip the BBQ sauces when you want to dip the nugget. Keep it original by choosing the ketchup that only has 125 mg sodium.

Best cheap lunch around America

If you are travel around to another state in America, then you can search and visit this cheap lunch place below.

1.    All stars sandwich bar, Cambridge. This place goes beyond burgers and with their exceptional burger options such as falafel burger with tahini sauce, it is worthy to go. One thing that also makes you happy, all of their sides and condiments are homemade.

2.    Mission Chinese food, San Francisco. For those who love Chinese food, then you can go to this restaurant. It comes with the Chinese Sichuan cuisine with their spiciest food. The foods are hot, good and honestly, it made with quality meat and produce.

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3.    Pok Pok, NY. For Asian cuisine lover, Pok Pok is a good place to go in New York. With their above-average Thai food, this is stand out urban restaurant. Their chef, Andy Ricker also operated the Thai accented wing shop that presents their delicious spicy fish sauce, Mangalits menu.

Best cheap order to delivery

When your break time does not give you enough time to go out and eat outside, then you can think for order with delivery service? While thinking it, you might wonder for some of these go-options such as Chinese foods, pizza, or fast-food restaurant.

1.    Pizza. This is the most common options for delivery. Pizza is perfect for most people, they are easy to order, available for certain groups such as vegetarian, and also most of it comes with a reasonable low cost.

2.    Chicken is other popular delivery services to order. It comes with many forms and you can choose which suit your taste, for example, fried, grilled, or another alternative. You can also choose from many parts such as chicken wings, chicken fingers, tenders, nuggets and more.

3.    Chinese food. All of the Chinese dishes are good for delivery services. Asian food is the top choice to delivery in most of 13 states in America. The best part when you order Chinese food is the quantity as it comes with enough portion to help you stay full but comes with low prices.

4.    Tacos. If you the one that loves spicy one, then tries Tacos for your Mexican food lunch is a good idea. Taco is a cheaper option to order.

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What you should eat for lunch

When it comes to lunches, then it is best to choose the one that can help you stay full longer to wait for the next dinner time.

•    Plan ahead. Get prepared with what you plan to eat for your lunch. For your healthy lunch, you should choose the one that combination of nutritious and filling meals.

•    Protein. Choose the high-quality protein that will fill up your energy all day. You can choose tuna, sal32mon, chicken, or lamb. If you are vegetarian, you can choose eggs, beans or nut and products from soy.

•    Complex carbohydrates. Choose complex carbohydrates as it will give you fuel all day. Try food that made from brown rice, grainy pieces of bread, and beans.

•    Grilled chicken. Get perfect powerful lunch with a combination from grilled chicken, spinach and brown rice. It is healthy, delicious, and full of fiber.

•    Sandwich. This is food made from a combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber.

•    Salad. The salad is available everywhere and you can choose a healthy option by reducing the sauce.

There are several options for the best cheap lunch specials near me that you can choose. Choose the one that comes with the healthy combination.


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