What Is Halloumi Cheese Made From

Halloumi & Other Cheese Kinds that Cheese Lovers Should Know

What is Halloumi cheese made from? Have you ever heard about Halloumi cheese? How many kinds of cheese do you know and how many of them you have tried? There are a bunch of cheese kinds in this world, including Halloumi. So, there are not only mozzarella cheese or cheddar cheese. Do you want to know more about Halloumi cheese and other cheeses? Keep reading!

Halloumi Cheese

If you want to try a unique cheese, Halloumi cheese is the one that you must not miss. This cheese is included as unique cheese because it is made from goat’s milk, cow’s milk, and sheep’s milk. Halloumi cheese is difficult to be melted because it has a high melting point. This original Cyprus cheese is quite popular in England, Greece, Levant, and Turkey. The best way to eat Halloumi cheese is by slicing it thinly and frying it on a pan. The outer part of the cheese will slowly change into savory. If you slice it thicker, the inner part will be slightly melted.

The colors of Halloumi cheese are varied, from white to yellowish. This cheese has a layered texture and salty taste. The salty taste in Halloumi cheese comes from the salt water used to preserve the cheese. Halloumi cheese is very suitable to be combined with a salad because of its strong salty taste. This cheese can last for several months if you store it in a fridge with a temperature below 12ºC. But if you freeze it, it can last until a year. When the weather is warm, Halloumi cheese is usually consumed with watermelon.

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Emmental Cheese

This cheese needs 4 months to release its best taste. This Emmental cheese has a savory sweet taste that will make you speechless. This cheese is from Switzerland and made from cow’s milk which is farmed in the Alps. The holes in Emmental cheese come from carbon dioxide created by Propionibacterium freudenreichii bacteria. Emmental cheese has a yellow color and is suitable for fondue or casseroles.


The next is Parmigiano-Reggiano. Parmigiano-Reggiano is a hard cheese from Italy. If there are some people calling this cheese as Parmesan cheese, do not get confused because both Parmesan cheese and Parmigiano-Reggiano are the same type of cheese. The trading of this cheese is apparently regulated in trade laws in Europe. So, we cannot carelessly or recklessly sell it. Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese is made from cow’s milk.

The name of Parmigiano-Reggiano is taken from the areas where the cheese is made; Parma, Reggio, Modena, Emilia, Mantua, and Bologna. This kind of cheese is perfect for pasta and salad. The harder the cheese, the saltier its taste.

Mozzarella Cheese

Most of you surely have known and heard Mozzarella cheese. If you have ever wondered why pizza can be super delicious, it is because this one of the Italian foods uses Mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella cheese is also from Italy. This cheese is made from cow’s milk. What makes this cheese tastes so yummy because its taste is not really strong. Moreover, Mozzarella cheese also has a soft texture. Mozzarella cheese is a key to super yummy pizza. This kind of pizza tastes better when it is melted. This is why many restaurants use this cheese as a topping.

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Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese is one of the easiest cheeses to find. This kind of cheese is mostly used in burgers, sandwiches, and grilled meats. With its creamy and soft texture as well as light taste, it is not surprising that a lot of people love this cheese. Generally, Cheddar cheese has a bright yellow color, but there are also ones with white color. Cheddar cheese is found in Somerset, England. It is made from cow’s milk. There is no time limit to consume Cheddar cheese. But cheese lovers suggest it is better to eat this cheese that is at least a year old.

Roquefort Cheese

If you are a real cheese lover, you must try this cheese. Roquefort cheese has a strong and salty taste in each bite. But it still feels soft in the mouth. Its taste can make everyone falls in love with this kind of cheese. Having a unique blue color, Roquefort is French cheese. If most cheeses are made from cow’s milk, Roquefort cheese is made from sheep’s milk. It takes around 5 months to taste the delicious salty taste of this cheese. The blue color in this cheese comes from Penicillium Roquefort mold. Are you curious to taste this Roquefort cheese?

Danablu Cheese

Danablu cheese or also known as Danish Blue Cheese is the next kind of cheese you should try. Even though this cheese is from Denmark, Danablu cheese is very popular in 1North America. This cheese is one of the strong-tasted cheeses. Danish blue cheese is made from cow’s milk and pretty moisturized. It has white to yellow colors and you are able to eat the skin. Danish blue cheese was firstly found by a famous cheese maker from Denmark named Marius Boel. The salty taste of this cheese makes it quite unique that other types of cheese.

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Stilton Cheese

If you are traveling to England, you will easily find Stilton cheese. There are only 3 regions in England which are allowed to produce this cheese; Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire. Stilton cheese is divided into two, which are the white ones and the blue ones. The blue Stilton cheese has a stronger taste and stronger smell than the white Stilton cheese. Stilton cheese is made from thickened and sterilized cow’s milk.

Brie Cheese

If most cheeses have a salty or savory taste, Brie cheese has a plain taste. But this plain taste makes Brie cheese becomes unique than other cheeses. Brie cheese is an original French cheese. It has a pale color and light grey in its bottom. In order to make Brie cheese, special cow’s milk is used which the fat content is removed. This cheese is suitable to be consumed with fresh fruits, bread, and nuts.

That is the answer to what is Halloumi cheese made from.

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