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Microsoft Privacy Statement: Things You Need to Know about Microsoft Privacy Regulation

We live in an era where almost every single one in the world is using Microsoft to do work, to do business, and to do assignments. Yet, what do you know about Microsoft privacy regulation? Now, admit it or not, privacy is very important to all of us including Microsoft Corporation. Hence, by going through this privacy statement, you will know why Microsoft collects your data and how Microsoft process it and for what purposes. Not only that but in this privacy statement, you will also be able to know various products of Microsoft including server products that are used to help many enterprises in the world to operate, the devices that we use, software that is used by the students, and services developers. 

About Cookies and Other Technologies

Now, before we get into the products, you need to know a few things first about cookies and similar technologies. For your information, cookies are like small text files that are placed on the device to store data. Cookies can be reassembled by the web server in the domain that places the cookie in the first place. In this case, Microsoft uses cookies to store your preferences and settings, enable you to sign-in, provide you with some interest-based advertises, combating fraud, analyzing the performance of the product, and other legitimate purposes. Not only that but Microsoft also uses web beacons that can help them to deliver cookies and gather the usage and performance of your data. The one thing that you need to keep in mind is that there will be several tools that you can use to control your data that are collected by cookies and web beacons.

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Microsoft Products

Now, let us get further into the Microsoft privacy regulation, shall we? For your information, if you are somehow using products that are provided by your organization and you use your email address to access the product, your organization will be able to do a few things. Such as controlling and administering the product and your account including all of the privacy-related settings and accessing and processing all of your data including the interaction, diagnostic, and the communication contents that are associated with the product.

If you are facing a problem such as losing your access to your work account, you will likely lose your access to the product and the content. This is due to many Microsoft products are meant to be used by organizations. Hence, if your organization gives you access to Microsoft products, you need to follow your organization’s policies. You need to address your inquiries in privacy including your requests to utilize your data protection rights to the administrator of your organization. Also, when you are using social features in Microsoft products, other users will be able to see your activities. Therefore, Microsoft will not be responsible for the privacy or security practices that occur to you or other users.

Microsoft Account

Now, some people do not care enough to make a Microsoft account even though it is pretty clear that you need a Microsoft account to be able to sign-in to Microsoft products. Your data that will be associated with your Microsoft account will include your credentials, name, contact data, payment data, device, usage data, activities, interests, and favorites. By creating a Microsoft account, you will be able to personalize your account and have consistent experiences to the products and devices permit that you use in the cloud data storage. Not only that but you will also be able to make payments and enable other features. 

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In this Microsoft privacy regulation, we will show you the three types of the Microsoft account. The first one is the personal Microsoft account that is tied to your email. The second one is the work Microsoft account that is tied to your email address provided by your organization. The third one is the third-party Microsoft account that is tied to your email address with your service provider’s domain. The one thing that you need to keep in mind regarding this Microsoft account is that if you are signing in by using your Microsoft account into a service that is offered by a third party, you will share your data to the third party that is required by the service.

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