AAAAHHHH 11 44 YYYYYYYYY? You Will Know If You Understand Programming


At present, the concept of programming work is being widely used. What is programming? Programming is the process of writing, testing and repairing (debugging), and maintaining the code that builds a computer program. This code is written in different programming languages. The purpose of programming is to load a program that can do a calculation or work following the wishes of the programmer. Have you ever seen looking at someone’s computer screen and the characters are AAAAHHHH 11 44 YYYYYYYYY? If so, that is an example of a programming language or the result of coding a program. If you are interested in pursuing the field of programming or becoming a programmer, you should at least know in advance some general concepts about programming.

Concepts of programming languages

Learning a language, including programming languages, certainly requires direct practice. Learning programming and coding, including activities to create a program. This is like you are learning the language to speak or for other things. As a programmer, you will be required to use the language and practice it as often as possible. So, what are the basic programming languages?

The first is the sequence structure. The sequential structure is the most basic algorithm structure and has a series of instructions to be sequentially processed. The structure can be done one by one, for example, the first instruction to the last instruction. Usually, the instructions in the sequence are written on one line or several instructions in the same line. However, each instruction separated by commas. Examples are (‘Hi, ‘, YYYYYYYYY, ‘!’)

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The second is the looping structure. A looping structure is a program that runs commands repeatedly so that a program can run continuously. For programmers must use a looping structure to manage commands repeatedly. There are several looping functions in the structure, namely creating programs such as While, For, C++, and While-do. An example is if you use a repetition structure with the statement YYYYYYYYY with a looping command 6 times, YYYYYYYYY results will come out 6 times, which appear sequentially in descending order.

The third is the branching structure. A branching structure is a structure that makes a program inseparable from the system that carries out certain commands and conditions. At least the programmers can use a structure to run the program. Examples of programming languages for branching structures are the If-Else or Switch Case functions in C language. So branching structures do have to be trained repeatedly because they are complex. A simple example of a branching structure is that you enter all the letters of the alphabet from A to Z with 9 letters each. In this branching structure command, you enter the command to bring up the alphabet after X. Then the results that appear are YYYYYYYYYY and ZZZZZZZZZZ.

Basic programming language

The development of the world of technology is always increasing. Both the improvement in terms of appearance and also features that are always changing. The changes that occur cannot be separated from the development of the programming language used. At present, there are many kinds of programming languages. From the simplest to the most complex. However, for those of you who are beginners and want to learn programming languages, the following basic types of programming are popular.

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The first is C. C is one of the oldest programming languages ever created. This language was first developed around the 1970s. Almost all technology and information tertiary institutions and educational institutions in the IT field use C for the first lesson before learning other programming languages. The second is Java. Java is a programming language that can be run on various devices. Starting from the desktop or computer to mobile devices, such as smartphones. Maybe you think that Java has an attachment to JavaScript. Even though the two languages of this program are not very similar. You could say Java is one of the programming languages that are sufficiently used by programmers around the world. The advantage it has is that it can run on any operating system. Also, Java is easy to arrange programs that are used so that programmers are greatly helped by this program.

Another popular basic programming is HTML/CSS. Some people don’t consider HTML or CSS to be part of a programming language. However, HTML/CSS is the basis of a program that is both online and offline. Therefore, for those of you who are new to the world of programming, you must master HTML/CSS. In addition to these 3 types of programming, there are many other basic types of programming that you can learn and use. For example Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP, Python, C++, ActionScript, and C#.

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